Is Sonic Colors Ultimate Multiplayer?

If you are an astrophile, then games that are based on space would definitely interest you, so, how about Sonic Colors Ultimate?

If you are also a Sonic fan and like Sonic games, then this is going to be a dual advantage for you. But, wait a minute, if you also have friends who have the same interests as yours, then make sure that Sonic Colors Ultimate is multiplayer, and you will find this out right here in a few moments.

Controlling the character of Sonic the Hedgehog in a platform game that is set in outer space where you have to save the Wisps which is an alien race, sounds really interesting. You will get this experience exclusively in Sonic Colors Ultimate.

The delightful news is that Sonic Colors Ultimate is multiplayer, well, but only up to two players. You can play this game in the local co-op mode and enjoy your outer space experience.

Read further to know more about the multiplayer feature in the game Sonic Colors Ultimate before getting this game for yourself.

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Is Sonic Colors Ultimate Multiplayer? 

Sega created the platformer Sonic Colors in 2010, and Sonic Colors Ultimate is a revamped version of that game. It provides a good selection of graphic modification options. This game depicts a sizable park filled with entertaining rides and vibrant attractions. An alien race known as the Wisps has been captured by the Evil Dr. Eggman. To find out what power the Wisp holds, you must use your lightning speed to liberate it.

You will be glad to know that although multiple numbers of players cannot join in the same gameplay, there is a two-player co-op mode available in Sonic Colors Ultimate, which is a really good thing. 

Well, the thing is that you will need to unlock the co-op mode if you really want to play the game with your friend. 

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How To Play Co-op In Sonic Colors Ultimate?

Well, as said, you will not directly get access to the co-op feature in Sonic Colors Ultimate, you will need to make some efforts to get it unlocked. Let us see how this can be done. 

First of all, you will require to complete the first two levels in the game after which will follow a cinematic, you have to watch that too. 

After watching the cinematic, you will find yourself (in the game) on the map screen of the Tropical Resort. Here, you do not have to select the level but instead, go to the next screen where you will find yourself on the World Map screen. This world map displays a number of planetoids that are attached to Eggman’s Tropical Resort via chains. 

Here, from the top right corner of the screen, you have to select Metal Sonic Head which will be labeled as “Game Land”.

Once you select it, you will be headed to Eggman’s Sonic Simulator where you can start playing the game in the local co-op mode by selecting their player and the color of their Sonic.

Some of the levels in the local co-op mode will already be unlocked, while you will have to collect a red ring if you want to unlock the additional levels as well.

Wrap Up

This was all about the multiplayer option in Sonic Colors Ultimate and how you can play the game with your friends by unlocking the co-op mode in the game which is a self-contained simulation. If there is anything else that troubles you while playing the game in co-op mode, you can tell us in the comments so that we can assist you with it.

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