How To Beat Mega Aerodactyl Pokemon Go? 10 Counter Pokemon

Mega Pokemon are much more powerful than their regular forms which makes it quite tough to win a battle against them. However, as we know that everyone has its weakness regardless of all their strength, and the same goes for these mega-evolved Pokemon. So, today we will see how to beat mega Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go without even putting too much of your effort into it. 

To beat Mega Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go, you must use a Pokemon of either Rock, Water, Ice, Electric, or Steel Type, because all of them inflict equal and great damage to this Pokemon which is enough to win a battle with a Mega Aerodactyl. If you also need to know some particular suitable counter Pokemon in this case, then you will find the list in the latter part of this article. 

While beating regular Pokemon is quite common in Pokemon Go, players now wish to stand out among the others by battling against the Mega ones in the mega raids to show their skills as a trainer in the game. If you are also thinking of something like that, then we are here to assist you in the right direction. 

If you have decided to beat a Mega Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go, then it is time to read this guide specially prepared for this Pokemon for you. 

How To Beat Mega Aerodactyl Pokemon Go?

A Mega Aerodactyl is a powerful Rock and Flying Type Dual Pokemon which has strong move sets like Rock Slide and Rock Throw, especially during the PvP battles in the game. 

This is a Pokemon quite resistant against most of the Pokemon Types including Fire Type, Normal Type, Poison Type, Flying Type, Ground Type, and Bug Type. So, whoever is planning to battle a Mega Aerodactyl should especially avoid all these kinds of Pokemon, or else you won’t stand a chance against this ultimate Pokemon. 

Now you must be worrying that if not any of these types, then what to use? Don’t stress over it much because just as we mentioned that every Pokemon has its weaker side no matter how strong it is, it also implies a Mega Aerodactyl. 

Here are the Pokemon Types to which a Mega Aerodactyl is quite vulnerable and will take 160% damage from each of them. 

1. Ice Type Pokemon

2. Water Type Pokemon

3. Rock Type Pokemon

4. Electric Type Pokemon

5. Steel Type Pokemon

So, if you have some Pokemon under any of these types, you are already halfway through on the path of beating a Mega Aerodactyl, all you have to do is pick the Pokemon with the highest CP among all of these types to fight in the battle. 

Now, you might also wish to know some of the best counter Pokemon that will guarantee your victory in the mega raid with a Mega Aerodactyl. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a list of the top Counter Pokemon that are going to be great choices each. 

Best Pokemon Counters For Mega Aerodactyl In Pokemon Go

1. Metagross

Charged Move: Meteor Mash

Fast Move: Bullet Punch

2. Rampardos

Charged Move: Rock Slide

Fast Move: Smack Down

3. Zekrom

Charged Move: Wild Charge

Fast Move: Charge Beam

4. Kyogre

Charged Move: Surf

Fast Move: Waterfall

5. Rhyperior

Charged Move: Rock Wrecker

Fast Move: Smack Down

6. Empoleon

Charged Move: Hydro Cannon

Fast Move: Metal Claw

7. Thundurus

Charged Move: Thunderbolt

Fast Move: Volt Switch

8. Dialga

Charged Move: Iron Head

Fast Move: Metal Claw

9. Raikou

Charged Move: Wild Charge

Fast Move: Thunder Shock

10. Swampert

Charged Move: Hydro Cannon

Fast Move: Water Gun

If you use any of these Pokemon we have mentioned above, no one will be able to stop you from winning the mega raid battle against a Mega Aerodactyl. So, if you have any one of them, do not forget to bring the best out of it. 

Wrap Up

That was all, a full-fledged guide on how to beat Mega Aerodactyl Pokemon Go, and after reading this carefully, we don’t think you will face any difficulty dealing with this Mega Pokemon no matter what, however, if you still have any doubts, you may ask us in the comments section below and we shall reach out to you as soon as possible with the suitable answers. 

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