Study Finds Video Games Burn Calories Shocking 

The study found that one hour of gaming burned approximately 210 calories for men and 236 calories for women. According to a new study, video games can actually help you keep fit.

According to Stakester’s study, one hour of Video Games Burn Calories, you can burn approximately 210 calories for men and 236 for women.

Two hours of gaming burned approximately 420 calories for men and 472 calories for women. This is equivalent to 1,000 situps. The study examined the heart rate, energy consumption and heart rate of 50 gamers who played “FIFA” or “Call of Duty: Warzone”.

Another study found that gaming has cognitive benefits and can be used to diagnose autism or Alzheimer’s.

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Gamers Burn As Many Calories In A Two-Hour Session | Video Games Burn Calories

Video Games Burn Calories

While we’ve known for years that gaming has many benefits, such as the ability to improve visual-spatial and problem-solving skillsets, a new study suggests that playing games can also help you lose weight.

This study was done by Betway, an esports platform that allows users to win cash and prizes for playing video games. It found that male gamers consume a staggering 420 calories in a two-hour gaming session. According to Stakester, this is equivalent to doing 1000 situps.

Stakester founder and CEO Tom Fairey said, “We all know competition increases our heart rate.

He said, “It’s not surprising that this burns calories. But we were surprised at how many are burned in a two-hour session. It certainly beats doing 1000 situps.”

Researchers at Stakester monitored the heart rate and calories burned by 50 gamers who played FIFA and Warzone over two hours.

The average male gamer burned 210 calories an hour while playing intense games, which is similar to how many people do 1000 situps.

While this may seem surprising, Stakester’s study doesn’t represent the first time that gaming and healthy living have been linked.

A Queensland University of Technology (QUT) study of 1,400 gamers across 65 countries found that gamers are 21% more likely than the average person to be healthier. It was also found that esport gamers are less likely to smoke and drink than the general population, and they are more active.

Michael Trotter, QUT’s esports researcher, said that the findings “challenge the stereotype of the morbidly overweight gamer.”

“Esports are often viewed as unhealthy and sedentary. The study showed some mixed results.”

Fortnite was the most popular game for burning calories. Participants burned 194 calories per hour on average. Fifa (189) followed by Call of Duty (189).

Grand Theft Auto V was last, but you can still expect to burn some calories in the 90 minutes (164). This game is perfect for light exercise.

Call of Duty Makes Gamers’ Heart Rate Spikes

It doesn’t matter if you are just moments away from finishing a mission that has been on your mind for days, or escaping an almost-death situation, some of our favorite games can really get our heart pumping.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been revealed as the game that will make your heart beat pound the most, with participants’ average maximum heart rate of 119 BPM.

Fortnite is the game that will make your heart beat faster, according to our study. Participants’ heart rates increased by an average of 89 BPM in Fortnite during a 90-minute gaming session.

However, participants’ heart rates slowed down most when they played Minecraft. This makes Minecraft the best game for relaxing while still burning calories.

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