7 Supermassive Games Ranked – Worst To Best

Do you want to try some great games developed by Supermassive Games? There are so many, however, your decision of choosing the game will become easier if we give you a list of Supermassive Games ranked from least preferable to most preferable, right?

Supermassive Games is a video game developer of British origin. It is known largely for some amazing games that it has developed, mainly including the horror adventure Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and the action game Doctor Who. 

If you are specifically looking for the games developed by Supermassive Games, then here is a list of Supermassive Games ranked from worst to best:

7. Hidden Agenda

6. Little Hope

5. The Inpatient

4. Man Of Medan

3. The Quarry

2. House Of Ashes

1. Until Dawn

This ranking has been made as per our own perception and viewpoint of these games after carefully going through each of them. You might have your own preferences, thus, we have described each of these games for you so that you can better understand which ones are worth playing. 

Supermassive Games Ranked From Worst To Best

So, ready to explore the top list of Supermassive games from worst to best? Here’s the list! Let’s get started.

7. Hidden Agenda

Supermassive Games Ranked - Hidden Agenda

Let us come to the worst ever game from Supermassive Games. Although the game was not that BAD, it wasn’t loved enough by those who tried it. 

The game allowed multiplayer mode for up to six players at once, the game could also be played directly through the smartphones where the players had to join hands and hunt down the Trapper. The story will move forward depending on your and your team’s decisions throughout the journey. 

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6. Little Hope

Supermassive Games Ranked - Little Hope

Little Hope was the second entry to the Dark Pictures Anthology, however, it didn’t seem to surpass many others from Supermassive Games. Yet, the storyline of the game will send a chill through your spine, so, you can definitely give it a try. 

5. The Inpatient

Supermassive Games Ranked - The Inpatient

This game also depends entirely upon the decisions you take for your character. There is only one playable character in the game and the game is played from the first-person perspective. 

Although the game had mixed reviews during its release, once you play it, you will realize it is really good. The best part is that The Inpatient is also compatible with the PlayStation VR headset and as soon as you begin playing, you will find yourself in a strange and creepy environment. 

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4. Man Of Medan

Supermassive Games Ranked - Man of Medan

Man Of Medan was the first game from the Dark Pictures Anthology which was a complete turnover for Supermassive Games. The game is short, lasting only three hours, yet, it is one of the best games ever developed by Supermassive Games. 

You board a warship that is filled with ghosts and now you have to survive through all the horror around you. You can play Man Of Medan in single as well as multiplayer mode. The players will require to make decisions either with their brains or with hearts and proceed with the plot. 

3. The Quarry

Supermassive Games Ranked - The Quarry

The Quarry is another horror drama adventure game from Supermassive Games where you play from the third-person perspective. There are nine teenagers who have to make it through a night in the Quarry of Hackett, and the player has to take control of these teenagers. 

You will require to take several decisions that will shape the fate of your characters by modifying the plot accordingly and creating relationships between the characters. 

2. House Of Ashes

Supermassive Games Ranked - House Of Ashes

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is a survival horror video game full of interactive drama developed by Supermassive games. The game is played from the third-person perspective with the setting of the Iraq War from 2003 to 2011. There are five protagonists in a total of whom the players can take charge. 

This is one of the most recent games in the Dark Pictures Anthology and is undoubtedly the best one where you can play the role of a soldier during the war while some horrifying creatures are also lurking around and you have to get rid of them. 

1. Until Dawn

Supermassive Games Ranked - Until Dawn

This one is a horror drama video game that Supermassive Games developed in 2015 and is still the best ever game we got from this gaming developer. Until Dawn is a survival horror adventure video game that proved to be a turning point for Supermassive Games.

It has been the first-ever game with real “life or death” stakes where your character’s life and death completely rely on the decisions you make as a player. The game gives you a complete feel of horror movies making Until Dawn the top-level game developed by Supermassive Games among all. 

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Wrap Up

These were all the seven games from Supermassive Games ranked from the worst ones to the best ones. Remember, it is not necessarily the ones we and the others ranked the worst that will also be disliked by you. Maybe you prefer those ones more! So, try them out first before making any assumptions.

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