Pokemon Go How To Catch Smeargle In 2022

If you are not much experienced in catching the toughest Pokemon, then it is better that you first get your hands on the ones that are easy to get. One such Pokemon is Smeargle, a Normal Type, yet, good enough to win fights. So, do you wish to know how to get Smeargle? 

To catch Smeargle in Pokemon Go, you just need to use the GO Snapshot mode in the game. So click a photo of any Pokemon you want to in the GO Snapshot mode and keep reviewing the photos unless you find a Smeargle photobombing with one of them. And when this happens, go back to the map view and a Smeargle will be found spawning next to you, which you can then easily catch. 

Smeargle is a Normal Type Pokemon that you will see in the game Pokemon Go. Though it is not much stronger in comparison to other Pokemon, this one is a good choice when you pick a fight against a Ghost Type Pokemon as Smeargle will inflict good damage on them. 

Despite being weak, every Pokemon has its own importance in Pokemon Go and the right strategy can help players win even if their Pokemon is a Normal Type, that’s why we are here to tell you in Pokemon Go how to catch Smeargle. 

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In Pokemon Go How To Catch Smeargle?

You might have realized in Pokemon Go that no matter how many research tasks you complete and no matter how much you walk or hatch the eggs, you won’t find Smeargle, which is not even that special of a Pokemon. 

Actually, getting a Smeargle in Pokemon is rather easy, all you need is the right approach to do so. Well, if you are aware of the GO Snapshot mode in Pokemon Go then it would be more simple for you to understand and accomplish this. 

As you review all the photos that you have captured in the GO Snapshot mode of the game, there is a chance that you will also find a photobombing Smeargle in one of them. 

As you see that photobomb and then come out of the GO Snapshot mode on your device, the next moment you will find a Smeargle on the map that would be spawning next to you. Sounds interesting and easy at the same time, right?

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Let us check out the detailed steps for catching a Smeargle in Pokemon Go:

1. Launch the Pokemon Go game on your device and navigate to the “Pokemon” option from the Main Menu of the game. 

2. From there, choose the monster that you wish to have a snapshot with and click on the camera icon that is present at the top right corner of the screen. 

3. Now you have to click the photo of the Pokemon and then tap on the Door icon present in the top left corner of the screen. 

4. Now you have to review the photos that you just clicked, and usually after five shooting sessions, a Smeargle appears photobombing in a shot of yours. 

5. As soon as you find a Smeargle photobombing in a snapshot you have taken, exit the GO Snapshot mode.

6. Go to the Map View of the game where you will see that a Smeargle Pokemon is spawning quite close to where you are. Now, you can catch this Smeargle just like you catch any other Pokemon in the game. 

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you are catching a Smeargle in Pokemon Go. 

The first thing is that on a particular day you will find only one Smeargle at max. So, if you need more of them, you will have to wait for another day to come. 

Next, whenever you will find a Smeargle in the game, its move sets will be exactly the same as the ones of the Pokemon that the Smeargle photobombed with. 

All the Smeargle that you will find in the game will be the regular ones. If you are looking for a Shiny Smeargle, then we haven’t yet seen any traces of them in the game till now. If there comes any, we will inform you about that right away. 

If you want to use this procedure of GO Snapshot to catch Smeargle that we mentioned here, you will require to make sure that you are at least operating the 1.35.0 version of the game as in the previous ones, you will not find this feature. 

Wrap Up

This was all you needed to know in Pokemon Go how to catch Smeargle easily and in the most effortless manner. There are also a few other exclusive Pikachu variants that you can find in the same manner through photobombing in the GO Snapshot mode.

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