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Mark Mylod directed this very popular thriller movie in 2022, named “The Menu”. Ralph Fiennes played the lead role in the movie. In “The Menu” a young couple, Tyler and Margot go on a culinary journey on an island at a restaurant owned by Chef Julian Slowik.

“The Menu” had its global debut on September 10, 2022, at the Toronto International Film Festival. ”The Menu” has earned over $79 million worldwide and received a positive response.

If you are wondering about what happened in the movie and why the Chef wanted to kill everyone. In this article, we have tried to cover all the questions regarding the plot and ending of the movie “The Menu”. 

Who Was Chef Slowik in “The Menu” And What Was His Plan?

In the psychological, thriller, and horror movie “The Menu” Chef Julian Slowik is the main character and the whole story revolves around him. In The movie, Chef Slowik decides that he will take revenge on the customers who have mistreated him, his staff members, and his food.

Chef Slowik Planned to commit a mass murder-suicide to take revenge for his sorrow by killing his customers and staff members. While some of them like Tyer Ledford deserved it, people such as George Lopez and his assistant were killed for very insignificant reasons.

What Happens In “The Menu”?

Tyler Ledford and Margot travel to a private island to enjoy food at Hawthorn, an exclusive restaurant owned by Chef Julian Slowik. They joined the other guests there as well who were also food critics. Slowik has invited all the guests to take revenge on them. He explains that each one of them had contributed to the loss of his passion and exploited his work. 

He also revealed the shocking fact that he had already informed Tyler about the guests being killed. Tyler was so interested in participating in his craft that he hired Margot to come with him because the restaurant does not allow singles. Margot requests Slowik to prepare a cheeseburger and french fries for her. Margot praises the burger a lot after having a bite and then Slowik lets her leave and she finally manages to escape. 

At the end of the movie, Slowik sets the restaurant on fire, killing all the staff members, the guests, and himself as well. Margot was the only one who survived and while the restaurant was on fire, she was enjoying her burger and watching the restaurant burn. To wipe her mouth, she uses a copy of the menu from the restaurant. 

Why Margot Was Allowed To Leave At The Ending Of “The Menu”?

Margot was simply not a part of the plan of the Chef Slowik. Margot is viewed by Chef as a kindred spirit and she understands the struggles of growing up with little but has manipulated the system to advance in the culinary industry, unlike Chef Slowik, who seeks to punish the elite.

Margot knows about the background of Chef Slowik. She expresses her knowledge and love for food to him. She even praises the burger that the Chef made for her, it reminds him of his past. He gets emotional and approves of her departure. Chef Slowik does not like Margot for her wealth and lavishness, but he still allows Margot to leave.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Was The End Of The Movie “The Menu”?

At the end of the movie, Chef Slowik kills all the guests as a punishment by burning down the Hawthorn.

Why Was The Chef’s Mom There In “The Menu”?

The only time his mom came to the spotlight was when he was reminded of his traumatized past otherwise there is no way to find out why his mom was there.


“The Menu” is a very interesting and worth-watching movie, especially for people who love thrillers and horror content. The Menu is a rather straightforward story of an artist who loses his purpose and seeks revenge.

Along the way, it explores the idea that food is a sort of art, the awful people who take pleasure in life’s finest pleasures, and the intrinsic joy of providing a service.

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