AS VAL Warzone Loadout | Best Attachments

During season 6 of modern warfare, a new weapon was added to Call of Duty. It was AS VAL. It is an assault rifle. It is considered a powerhouse because of its high fire rate and accuracy. Still, there are some drawbacks due to which an ideal AS VAL warzone loadout comes into play.

Among all the weapons available in the warzone, you must give AS VAL a try if you mostly play close to medium range. It is definitely worth it. Also, once you master it, then there’s no looking back. You are going to pick this up again and again.

Talking about the attachments, there are over 30 options available for AS VAL, including Optics, Ammunition, barrel, stock, etc. Therefore, it’s always confusing to choose the right attachments. But don’t worry as we have mentioned the best loadout which adds extra potential to the weapon.

Deadly AS VAL Warzone Loadout

To unlock some weapons in a warzone, you need to do missions. Similarly, for AS VAL, you have to do 2 headshots in 5 different matches while picking up an Assault Rifle.

Attachments for AS VAL

BarrelVLK 200mm Osa
UnderbarrelCommando Foregrip
StockVLK Stock
OpticsGI mini reflex
Ammunition30 Rnd Mag

This is the best AS VAL warzone loadout for high accuracy, speed, and recoil control. Talking about the first attachment, the VLK 200mm Osa barrel has an internal monolithic suppressor which helps in increasing damage range. So, you don’t need to equip the muzzle for your gun. The barrel covers it.

The commando foregrip provides stability to the weapon in terms of recoil and aiming stability. For better aim walking movement speed and ads, the VLK stock and GI mini reflex come into play. 

At last, the 30 Rnd Mag is a necessary attachment that you should equip so that you don’t have to worry about reloading again and again.

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