Themes for WordPress: How to Find and Install?

Immediately after installation, it becomes necessary to customize the blog based on your needs, make it convenient and at the same time unique, unlike millions of other blogs hosted on WordPress. Themes for WP will help you with this. With their help, you have the opportunity to change your hosting beyond recognition.

How to Find a Theme?

The most accessible place is the official WordPress site with its vast archive of themes sorted by various criteria you need. This is the advantage of the official archive, but there are also certain disadvantages. For example, each of the themes has been downloaded several thousand times by other users. Therefore, your blog, when using these themes, will not be unique. For bloggers who are not satisfied with the themes from the official archive, there are services with interesting wp themes and plugins to be used.

How to Choose WordPress Themes?

There are some basic criteria to look out for when picking a perfect theme:

  • Subject. When choosing a theme for a WordPress site, you should pay attention to its theme. It sets the direction for the functions and additional plug-ins necessary for convenient work with the site.
  • Key parameters and functionality. You need to take into account the different features and functions that the site needs. For example, a theme for an online store should have support for cart plugins. A theme for a business segment needs to have a high-quality template for the landing page.
  • Rating and reviews of consumers. User reviews can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each theme. Of course, you should not take them as indisputable truth. This should be regarded as an opportunity to obtain additional information before making a final decision.
  • Technical support and the frequency of updates. Without proper support, a theme can easily become obsolete. Choosing a template with regular updates and stable technical support from developers will serve as a guarantee of site stability.

To simplify your search, we advise you to first determine the features that your site will need, and then look for options that can support the functionality you are looking for. Many themes have demos, and this will be enough to evaluate them for your requirements.

Paid or Free Themes?

If you need a simple and uncomplicated project, then use free themes for WordPress. However, they may have restrictions, and you can use them only on certain topics – for example, in the educational sphere.

If you are planning a large and serious project, then it is better to use a paid theme. The presence of guarantees, good functionality and regular updates will allow you to launch and maintain the site for a long time without any problems. High-quality paid themes are guarantees, support, as well as uniqueness and additional features for a relatively low amount.

How to Install a Theme?

The process of installing the theme is not difficult. After downloading the template files you like, place them in the following folder public_html/wp-content/themes/name of your WordPress. After these actions in the administrative panel of the site, it will be possible to activate the theme. Select the “View” menu item, then “Themes”, select the required one and click on it. If everything is done correctly, the site will immediately change its appearance.

How to Change the Theme?

If you are at least a little familiar with the principles of working in HTML, you can radically change your resource. You need to:

  • open the function of external editing of the corresponding WordPress files;
  • select the “View” menu item in the admin panel;
  • go to the “Theme Editor” and change the required places in the code.

When performing these steps, you must be extremely careful to avoid destroying the settings of your site and being left with nothing. Without certain skills in programming, it is generally better not to do this.

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When creating a blog on the WP engine, the default theme is set. It is primitive, uninteresting and is only a temporary solution. Almost all users install a new WordPress theme when setting up a blog. There are a lot of different themes available for free download on the Internet with different designs, both simple and highly professional. You can also change the design of the theme by yourself.

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