Top 5 Games Like Inscryption You Should Definitely Try

If you are tired of playing Inscryption and want to try some other new games with the same escape room and puzzle-type concepts, but with different stories and characters. Then, here in this article, we will help you out in selecting one of the best games like Inscryption

Being a fan of Inscryption, you must know from this fact that, this video game quickly made its place in the heart of the players with its little horror and puzzling gameplay. But as usual, playing a single game repeatedly becomes monotonous with time, regardless of how amazing the game is. The same goes with Inscryption now. 

If that’s the case with you, then you seriously need to check out our list that contains new games as per your interest.

The best games like Inscryption are:

  • The Hex
  • Black Book
  • The Monster Train
  • The Room 
  • Rusky Lake Hotel

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Games Like Inscryption You Should Definitely Try

Here are our top games that give you a different gaming experience but with a little bit of taste of Inscryption.

The Hex

Games Like Inscryption- The Hex

The Hex is a 2D point-and-click adventure game. From a gameplay perspective, it may not fit into the same category as Inscryption. Still, it tackles many of the same ideas while switching between other gaming genres and delivering a distinctive tale.

Six characters, all of whom are transitioning from life as video game protagonists, are being looked into for allegedly plotting the murder of one of their fellow mates in this adventure mystery set at a pub.

Players must relive each character’s memories and see the happenings that brought them to the pub where the murder is set to happen. 

The game’s objective is to identify the murderer and their intended victim.

Black Book

Games Like Inscryption- Black Book

In the gloomy role-playing game Black Book, which is based on Slavic folklore, players assume the role of Vasilisa, a teenage witch who is forced to fight an army of evil powers. 

Vasilisa embarks on a quest to find an antiquated Black Book, a relic that grants wishes, in order to use it to bring back her deceased beloved.

She will have to break all seven of its seals hidden throughout the rural countryside in order to accomplish this, facing whatever horrors lie in wait. Vasilisa battles demons perform an exorcism and defend allies she meets along the road in card-based conflicts similar to those in Inscryption.

The Monster Train

Games Like Inscryption- The Monster Train

The next story that we highly recommend to you is The Monster Train. It is a deck-building roguelike game in which players attempt to steer a train full of monsters across a terrible and frozen landscape.

Five different monster clans are available in the game, and each one may level up to acquire additional cards for upcoming plays. 

Its battles take place in turns and have updated card-battling rules that let you combine minions and spells from other clans rather than just one. While giving gameplay that is just as satisfying as Inscryption, Monster Train prioritizes its mechanics at the expanse of having a poorer story.

The Room

Games Like Inscryption- The Room

For those who enjoy the concepts of the escape room, this game “The Room” is for them. In this game, your character can occasionally stand up from the table and explore a pitch-black chamber full of interactive clocks, and statues that contain secret cards.

Each game element provides a fresh mystery that the player must unravel utilizing special devices and hints hidden throughout the eerie landscape.

Rusty Lake Hotel

Games Like Inscryption- Rusty Lake Hotel

The story of the brief point-and-click adventure game “Rusty Lake Hotel” is centered around a horror mystery. You are tasked with making dinner for five people who will be staying at the upscale Rusty Lake Hotel for one week. 

Here comes a twist in the game when visitors start dying, leaving you scrambling to put together evidence and look for hints in order to identify the perpetrator. The game which can be played in a single setting depicts its people, surroundings, and story-based events using disturbing visuals, similar to Inscryptipn.

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All these games are a kind of room puzzle deck building games that can give strong competition to Inscryption. All games are perfect, but some are just too good that you will definitely need to try them at once if you are now tired of playing Inscryption. 

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