Top 8 Mario Games For GameCube That You Should Definitely Try As A Beginner

There are almost 200+ Mario games that have come out over the years. Have you guys ever played Mario games on GameCube? If not, then we have the suggestion of some of the best ever Mario games for GameCube that you should give a try, and you would surely love to play them.

If not yet, then you all must be missing something very amazing, I guess. Mario games are one of the most fun-loving games with amazing features and are played best on the GameCube platform

If you have not tried GameCube yet, then there can be no better games than Mario games that you can play on GameCube. 

You haven’t played Mario games yet, so it is quite difficult for you to start your Mario game journey on GameCube as to which game you should start first, as there are tonnes of Mario games available on the market.

By keeping this in view, we made a list that offered you one of the best Mario Games on the GameCube. Take a look at the best Mario Games of all time.

Here is the list of  the best Mario Games For GameCube:

  • Super Mario Sunshine
  • Super Mario Strikers
  • Paper Mario And The Thousand-Year Door
  • Mario Party 5
  • Mario Power Tennis
  • Mario Party 6
  • Luigi’s Mansion
  • Mario Kart: Double Dash

Top 8 Mario Games For GameCube That You Should Definitely Try As A Beginner

Super Mario Sunshine

This is one of the best Mario Games that will list in the GameCube games. This game is a commercial success, it has cutting-edge visuals, entertaining gameplay, and a complementing plot. Mario now has a task to complete: cleaning up Isle Delfino, rather than just roaming around and jumping into paintings at random.

Super Mario Strikers

Super Mario Strikers resemble soccer or football game, only the fact that there are two teams attempting to put a ball into a goal. It is a soccer game with over-the-top dramatic action that is on with the legendary movie Shaolin Soccer. Each captain has their own buddies giving each team a sense of individuality, and the game just played beautifully, making this game one of the best Mario games.

Paper Mario And The Thousand-Year Door

As this game’s title suggests, this game’s nature is Paper. Mario can roll up, go down a tube, and turn sideways to get between cracks since its nature is of paper. He can also employ his regular special talents, such as the ability to use his skull to smash blocks. Traditional RPG turn-based combat is used in this game, and by timing specific actions, Mario may avoid enemy attacks and deal more damage as necessary.

Mario Party 5

It is a Nintendo GameCube party game with up to four players to participate. Playing as different Mario characters, participants communicate with one another on virtual boards. At the conclusion of each round on the board, players can participate in various mini-games, each with its own set of guidelines and conditions. 

Mario Power Tennis

In this game, Mario meets up with a variety of friends and enemies to play tennis. Every one of the playable characters has very potent power shots. The courts in the game contain additional special effects and gameplay events. Certain games may be played on each court.

Mario Party 6

In this game, a variety of Mario characters may be seen traveling digital boards utilizing dice blocks. This game is the first in the series to include a round of voice-controlled mini-games that utilized a bundled microphone, and an entirely new Mic Mode is created particularly for microphone use. In order to fill the star bank, the game’s main goal is to gather stars to end the fight between the sun and the moon.

Luigi’s Mansion

It is an action-adventure that is one of the best on the GameCube and gives us a different perspective on Mario’s family. The game allows us to play as Luigi while looking for Mario in the spooky mansion, despite being quite brief. It garnered favorable comments, with the length being the main area of criticism.

Mario Kart: Double Dash

This arcade racing simulator is deserving of a spot on the list of the best GameCube titles. The primary feature is a double-kart race between two players, one driving and the other wielding weaponry for one team. Characters can switch positions, and thanks to each hero’s distinct traits, the game gains a tactic and strategy component. You have to drive carefully!


If you are new to the GameCube Platform and have not played any of the Mario Games yet, then you should try any of the Top 8 Mario Games For GameCube of your choice. All these games are full of humor and joy, which leaves you with an awesome and unforgetful experience. So, make up your mind to play Mario Games and play these best Mario Games that played smoothly on GameCube. 

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