Top ten time-management apps for students

Time management in today’s world is quite a difficult task, but there are some applications that may help you to manage your time in an easy and fun manner. Technology can be distracting but can also help you to manage your time and keep your tasks managed.

Students who need help can download these apps to regain focus and get organized. They say time is everything and if you can manage your time well, then you can have everything in this world. In this article, we have for you the top ten time management apps that will help you to manage your time, schedule your everyday tasks, and much more.

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  1. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking application that students can use to store their notes, schedules and Do lists. You can create tasks and assign due dates to them. Evernote syncs across all your devices and allows you to add PDFs, images, audio files and any other media to it. You can avail of a 50% student discount for the personal plan.

Availability: Available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows.

  1. Microsoft To Do: Lists and Tasks

Microsoft To-Do is a task management app that will help you to manage your day-to-day tasks and to keep you organized. You can create a task list, take notes, record collections, plan an event and much more. It will be a pretty useful app for students. It also syncs across all of your devices and you can attach 25MB of files to any of your tasks. You can also share lists and assign tasks with your friends, family and your classmates.

Availability: It is available on Windows, Google Play Store, iOS, Web Browser and Mac Os.

  1. Remember the Milk 

Remember the milk allows the users to prioritize the task according to their due dates. You can colour-code items. Users can also create subtasks for large projects. The app is also integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft outlook which helps you to access your cloud storage as well.The app syncs across all your devices and can send you notifications via text, email, and mobile notifications.

Availability: It is available on Google Play store, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux and Web browser.

  1. Google Keep

Google Keep allows you to pin notes and take voice notes on the go and share them with your friends and family at some later point of time. Google keep works on your smartphones, Tablets and also your wearables such as your smart watches which makes it different and considerable. You can also make drawings whenever an idea hits your mind.

Availability: It is available for Android, iOS and Web browsers.

  1. 2DO

2DO is a free and offline to-do app with all the functions enabled except the cloud services. Users have to sync 2DO across their devices using services like Dropbox. It provides rapid-sort, searches and filter features which makes it easy to get your lists organized. It lets you take a completely different approach to manage your tasks, unlike the traditional apps.

Availability: It is available across Android, iOS and Mac OS.

  1. Any.Do is a free to-do list, planner and calendar app which helps you to manage and organize your day-to-day To do list, Calendar, planner and Reminders Integrate with Google Calendar, Outlook, WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail, Google Tasks, Zapier, Asana, Microsoft to-do, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Office 365 and much more. The premium version of the app allows you to change themes, set recurring reminders, color-coding of tasks and a few other advanced features.

Availability: It is available across Android, macOS, iOS, Microsoft windows and Web Browser.

  1. is a habit-tracking application. tracks your habits, then adds it in community support and provides you with best possible support for your goals. It is based on the latest psychological research, and behavioral sciences. It lets users monitor their progress and celebrate each milestone achieved. Students can get help from community members and ask questions too.

Availability: It is available on both Android and iOS.

  1. myhomework

myhomework is the best planner for students. My homework has a modern design accompanied with a simple interface, making it easy to use. It helps students to improve their study habits and improve overall Academy performance. You can buy the paid version for more advanced features, while both versions sync across multiple devices, helping students to access it anywhere on the go.

Availability: It is available across Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Web browsers.

  1. Todoist

It is a task management software that helps you to organize your work and life. You can arrange tasks according to your priorities and also get recurring due dates for your tasks. You can set favorites too. Paid Version provides you with some extra features like reminders, unlimited activity history, themes, and auto backups.

Availability: It is available across Android, Mac, and iOS browsers, and wearables.

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  1. Time Tune

Time tune is a time-blocking and Daily planner application. It comes with templates, statistics, and tons of customization features. It helps you to increase your productivity and achieve your goals easily. You can build time blocks to build your schedule. The built-in template calendar feature will allow you to plan your coming routines and timetables.

Availability: It is only available for Android.

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