What Can You Do With Amethyst In Minecraft – 3 Best Uses

If you are new to playing Minecraft and still trying to figure out what can you do with Amethyst in Minecraft, then this post is for you! Being new to a game requires you to be aware of so many things that are necessary for you to advance further. 

Minecraft is a 3D sandbox video game where the players are free to make their way through the game as they want to. Certain materials in the game you need to collect and use in your daily lives. One among these is Amethyst which you might already have discovered in the game, but are not sure how to use, right? 

What can you do with Amethyst in Minecraft? Answer: there are three major uses of Amethyst in the game, which include building and decoration, making tinted glass, making spyglasses, and blocking the light. 

Now we will know in detail where and how to use Amethyst in Minecraft, and for this, you will have to keep reading. 

What Can You Do With Amethyst In Minecraft?

There are three things forged out of Amethyst in Minecraft, these are the Amethyst blocks, tinted glass, and spyglasses. However, all these have their own uses. 

Let us know about each of these products of Amethyst one by one to know them better. 

1. Amethyst Blocks

What Can You Do With Amethyst In Minecraft - Amethyst blocks

What Can You Do With Amethyst Block In Minecraft?

The main role of Amethyst blocks is in building and decoration. When these blocks interact, a unique sound is made which is incomparable to any other blocks, and also they are too soft in comparison to any other blocks used for decoration. 

How To Get Amethyst Blocks In Minecraft?

These blocks are forms with Amethyst shards blacked in a 2×2 square in the crafting menu, which will provide you with the product in the form of Amethyst Blocks. 

If the Amethyst block is broken with a pickaxe, it will drop, however, it will be destroyed and not drop anything if it is broken in any other way. 

You can also get Amethyst Blocks in natural form in Minecraft within the geodes in a mixture with calcite blocks and smooth basalt. 

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2. Tinted Glass

What Can You Do With Amethyst In Minecraft - Tinted glass

What Can You Do With Tinted Glass In Minecraft?

Tinted glass made from Amethyst is a block where one can see through, but the light is also blocked by it. If you break it with anything, it will drop as a block and will thus be reusable. Mobs will also not suffocate in tinted glass, just like in the standard glass. 

How To Get Tinted Glass In Minecraft?

To craft Tinted glass, you will need to form a cross pattern with the Amethyst shards keeping a piece of glass in the center of the crafting menu grid. 

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3. Spyglasses

What Can You Do With Amethyst In Minecraft - Spyglasses

What Can You Do With Spyglasses In Minecraft?

Through Spyglasses, you will be able to view objects with a reduced field of view. As, Minecraft’s FOV is 70 degrees by default, with the help of spyglasses, you will be able to view at 1/10th of FOV, which is at just seven degrees. 

How To Make Spyglass In Minecraft?

Here is the spyglass recipe. You will need a shard of amethyst and some copper ingots that you can get when you smelt raw copper. You will have to combine two copper ingots vertically in the crafting bench along with an Amethyst shard that will work as a lens. 

How To Grow Amethyst In Minecraft?

What Can You Do With Amethyst In Minecraft - How to grow amethyst in Minecraft

To use the things made from Amethyst, you will first need Amethyst as a raw material. Do you know that you can yourself grow Amethyst in Minecraft? To make an amethyst farm in Minecraft, you will need to first find the amethyst geodes which is the only place where amethyst can be farmed in the game. 

How To Get Amethyst In Minecraft?

What Can You Do With Amethyst In Minecraft - How to get amethyst in Minecraft

Don’t want to grow amethyst on your own? No worries, you can get Amethyst in the game Minecraft mainly between the bedrock and Y=70. most of the time, it will not be exposed to the surface even partially. You will have to look for a geode and dig the two upper layers only after which you will find amethyst. 

As you mine Amethyst clusters, four amethyst shards will be dropped which you can collect and then use for crafting whatever you need in the game. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know all the main uses of Amethyst in Minecraft, or, better to say, the things made from amethyst in Minecraft. So, get some amethyst and craft the things you need in the game, and also share with your friends who are also new to Minecraft.

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