What Does Explore Mean In Pokemon Go? Exploration Challenge Explained

Have you also heard of the limited period exploration challenge in Pokemon Go? Since this is something new to you, there might be a lot of questions pondering over your mind, for instance, what does Explore mean in Pokemon Go, because you cannot complete this challenge otherwise if you are not aware. 

Pokemon Go keeps introducing new events, tasks, and challenges alongside introducing new Pokemon from time to time. This keeps the players interested in the game by getting something new to do every once in a while. Just like that, this Exploration Challenge has also occurred as a part of the Safari Zone event that took place at Goyang, South Korea. 

In Pokemon Go, Explore is a part of the Safari Zone research challenge which is the “Exploration Challenge” where you need to have a Spritzee as your buddy Pokemon with which you have to explore your surroundings by walking around, and as a result, you receive exclusive rewards alongside six Spritzee encounters. 

If you want to know more about this exploration challenge and understand in detail what this Explore means in Pokemon Go, then this is the ideal place for you, so keep reading. 

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What Does Explore Mean In Pokemon Go? 

An event named the Safari Zone was introduced in Pokemon Go at Goyang, South Korea from September 24 at 8 a.m. to September 25 at 8 p.m. 

Within this event was a challenge known as the Pokemon Go Exploration Challenge. The event was free to participate for all the players and was introduced for a limited time period. 

The limelight of this exploration challenge is Spritzee, the perfume Pokemon which is a Gen 6 Pokemon in the game and quite useful for many battles. The Maximum CP of a Spritzee is 536, which is not the highest, but still, the Pokemon is good enough to be considered. 

Although a Spritzee is weak to the Steel and Poison Type Pokemon, this Fairy Type Pokemon is resistant to the Dark, Fighting, and Dragon Type moves and can also be evolved into Aromatissse, its final form, with the help of just 50 Spritzee candies. 

In this exploration challenge, by Explore we mean to make the perfume Pokemon, Spritzee your buddy and explore your surroundings with it by walking with it for a certain distance. 

For every Explore, you receive an encounter which means a chance to catch another Spritzee. In all, there will be five encounters and there are great chances that you might also find a rare Shiny Spritzee in the game. Here are the phases of this exploration challenge.

1. Explore for 1 km and get a Spritzee encounter.

2. Explore for 2 km and get your second Spritzee encounter. 

3. Explore for 3 km and get your third Spritzee encounter. 

4. Explore for 4 km and get your fourth Spritzee encounter. 

5. Explore for 5 km and get your final Spritzee encounter. 

Apart from these Spritzee encounters, the players will also receive rewards like 1000 Stardust, and 1000 XP as well as another bonus encounter with one more Spritzee. You can see the perks of this challenge making you want to take part in it because who would like to ignore such a great deal? 

Wrap Up

You might be late for this Exploration Challenge in Pokemon Go, but, at least, now you know what does Explore mean in Pokemon Go. So, the next time such an event takes place in the game, you won’t have to waste all your time understanding how this exploration works in Pokemon Go. If there is any other query from your side, you can share it with us in the comments section below so that we can help you out.

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