What Happened to Toby Keith’s son?

Toby Keith’s son, Stelen Keith Covel didn’t get into the music legacy started by his family. He instead became an investor in venture management. Amongst all the rumors found on the internet about Stelen’s death, the truth can’t stay hidden for long.

Does that mean Stelen is still alive? Well, we got you covered with all the mystery behind this fiery rumor. Let’s first get to know who Toby Keith is. What Happened to Toby Keith’s son? And what were the death rumors about Toby’s son? 

As per the resources, Toby Keith’s son doesn’t believe in socializing his details or family-related stuff. To know what happened to Toby Keith’s son read the article to know more about their family. 

Who is Toby Keith?

Toby Keith Covel is known as a famous American country music singer. Despite being a singer Toby is also an actor,  record producer, and songwriter. 

Toby Keith was born July 8, 1961, and released his first four albums with Mercury Records when he started his music career in the 1990s.  

Toby Keith had a very successful career where he was not only just a singer but also acted in various movies. Moreover, he was also awarded the National Medal of Arts in 2021. 

As we all know, Toby was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2022. We got to know about his cancer through his social media where he announced it by saying “I’ve spent the last six months receiving chemo, radiation, and surgery”. 

As per the recent reports, Toby Keith is perfectly fine and healthy now. It is not mentioned anywhere if he has fully recovered from the stomach cancer but it is clear that Toby is now out of danger. 

Who is Toby Keith’s Son?

Toby Keith is a father of three children, Shelley Covel Rowland and Krystal Keith are his two daughters along with one son named Stelen Keith Covel. 

Stelen Keith is an investigator who works in venture management. With a successful career, 

Stelen also has a successful love marriage. 

Stelen is married to his girlfriend Haley. They got married in Las Vegas in 2021. 

According to his social media platforms, we got to know that Stelen doesn’t share much about his personal life although he shares pictures often with his family

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What happened to Toby Keith’s Son?

As we read Stelen doesn’t believe in sharing his personal life. But through some resources, we got to know that once there was a rumor that Toby Keith’s son (Stelen) died in a car accident. It was also said that this accident took place in the early 2000s. 

But as you all know the truth can’t stay hidden for long. Toby Keith’s son is completely fine and healthy. He is a successful investor, however, coming from a music background he opted for a whole different career. 

Despite being an investor, Stelen was also a state Football player in his high school days. As of now, Stelen has served as a business owner, consultant, and Brand development manager. By keeping the rumors aside, Stelen Keith is now doing great in his business field. 


What is the age of Toby Keith Clove?

Toby Keith is 62 years old. 

What is the age of Toby Keith’s son?

Toby Keith’s son Stelen is 25 years old.

Is Stelen Keith married?

Yes, Stelen is happily married to his girlfriend Haley.

Is Toby Keith married?

Since 1984 Toby Keith has been married to Tricia Lucus. 

What does Toby Keith’s son do for a living?

Toby Keith’s son Stelen is an investor who works in venture management. 


Thus, by reading the above article, you are well aware that nothing happened to Toby Keith’s son. It was just a rumor that Stelen died in a car accident. But as we all know he is perfectly fine and healthy now.  

Toby Keith’s son chose a whole different career as he is an investor in venture management whereas his father is a famous singer as well as an actor who received various awards including the National Medal of Arts. 

Toby Keith has recovered from his stomach cancer.  

Both the father and son are healthy and good. 

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