what josiah saw explained

Every family has their secrets which they keep from the world and even the family members. But what will happen if the secrets get revealed and the past comes to haunt you for the deadly sins? 

“What Josiah Saw” is a psychological and horror movie in which a family reunites after almost 20 years and all their past secrets are revealed. In this article, we have tried our best to discuss the plot and ending of this movie. 

Is “What Josiah Saw” A Good Movie?

“What Josiah Saw” is a horror movie released on 13 August 2021. Gothic and horror movies are popular among this generation because of their thrilling and terrifying nature.

The movie is basically about an isolated family that was separated years ago and they get united again at their farmhouse. Their past secrets get revealed which leads to the death of the twin siblings. 

What Happens In The Movie “What Josiah Saw”?

Tommy is the elder son of the family who lives on the farm with his father Josiah. While his twin siblings left the farm long back and are staying away from them separately. An oil company is looking to buy their farm but the locals tell the representative that the land is haunted as Josiah’s wife has committed suicide in the farm by hanging. Josiah tells Tommy that his mother’s spirit comes to meet him every night when he is asleep.

Eli Graham is so much in trouble as he is charged with statutory rape and he is in debt as well due to gambling. He steals some jewelry for Boone when returns to his place. He found a letter from the oil company and decided that he would convince his sister Mary to sell the farm.

Mary and her husband Ross are planning to have a child and for that, she has to undergo surgery. Mary used to have dreams in which she stabs her stomach badly. On the other day, Eli arrives at Mary’s house to convince her to sell the farm to the oil company. But Mary said that they should first go to the farm and see if selling the farm is for the good or not. 

Both of them arrive at the farm and meet Tommy after years. Tommy then informs his father Josian that the sibling has arrived at the farm but Josiah tells him that they are the reason why his mother committed suicide. 

All of them sit together for dinner and Eli and Mary reveal the truth that Tommy has been hallucinating. His father Josian has been dead for 23 years. Throughout the movie, Tommy is seen to be interacting with a hallucination of his father. Eli and Mary confront that their father had abused them when they were young and raped Mary and she even got pregnant. That was the reason the siblings murdered their father. Seeing this, their mother committed suicide.

“What Josiah Saw” Ending Explained

Eli then opens a chest of drawers to show the skeleton of Josiah and the unborn baby of Mary. Tommy killed Eli and Mary with an Axe. The end scene shows us the truth that it was Eli and Mary who committed incest when they were young. 

Eli killed his father to save himself and put the blame on him. At the end, a tree is seen burning on which it is written that Eli’s and Mary’s sins are paid. Josiah is seen sitting on a chair while enjoying a cup of tea. 


In Conclusion, “What Josiah Saw” is a psychological and horror movie. The story is about the members of a family who had buried some secrets long ago but later they had to pay for their sins. 

Josiah who is proven innocent at the end of the movie was murdered years ago by the siblings. The horror factor comes from the past in the movie and finally, Eli and Mary’s sins were paid. 

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