Where is Jeff Bliss Now?

Have you remembered the leaked viral video of Jeff Bliss in 2013? Well!! At that time, his video went viral all over the internet, which made him quite famous. But, after 2013, no one knows what happened to him and where is Jeff Bliss now.

In the video, Jeff Bliss argues with his teacher about its teaching style and the teacher orders him to get out of the class. This short video creates a sense of awareness as well as fun among the educational reforms. If you watched that video, then you must be wondering about Jeff Bliss’s current situation.

Jeff Bliss is currently active on their Social Media Handles and inspires students about the reform of education.

What Happened To Jeff Bliss?

Jeff Bliss was a teenager in 2013 when his video went viral all over the internet. At that time, he studied at Duncanville High School.

So, exactly, what happened at that time was, that Jeff Bliss was asked by the teacher to leave the World History class. Before leaving, he delivered a passionate speech about how his teacher didn’t seem to care about her work.

In a tantrum that was caught on camera by a classmate, Bliss chastised his teacher for handling packets rather than engaging with the pupils.

Overall in the entire video, Jeff Bliss was criticizing his teacher Ms. Phung for her teaching methods and non-serious attitude towards the subject matter. Later on, the video was uploaded on YouTube. You can check out that below for more clarification.

Where Is Jeff Bliss Now?

After an argument between Jeff Bliss and his teacher, he showed his frustration for his teacher in the lack of her teaching manner. 

But, the conversation between both of them did not go well, and at the end of the video, Jeff left the class. 

After this, the video went viral and Jeff was praised for his confronting and honest behavior by the students. Later on, Jeff took the lead and set up a Twitter account to promote reform in education. 

After his last tweet in 2016, he became less active on Twitter, and since then, no information on his existence has been made. 

One year prior, a user claimed to be his co-worker at UPS and characterized him as a diligent worker who loads packages into trucks. He even confirmed that Jeff is a very quiet and shy person and does not even talk about the incident that happened in the viral video. 

When Jeff was active on Social Media, he gained a lot of popularity from the people, as he presented himself as a possible voice for national education reform. He made a Facebook page “Our Nation Our Education” which got 18,000 followers and likes. 

Even not been active on Twitter, his Twitter account still has around 11.7k followers. However, the information about the current situation of Jeff Bliss is limited and no one knows where he is. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jeff Bliss Alive?

There is no news about Jeff Bliss’s death. So, for now, he is considered alive. 

Did Jeff Bliss Become A Teacher?

Not really. If we look at the past, he showed a lot of passion and enthusiasm for becoming a teacher. Like, how he confronts his teacher for her non-serious teaching attitude. 

But, we don’t think so, he is currently working as a teacher. 

What Is Jeff Bliss’s Net Worth?

Jeff Bliss’s net worth is $1.5 M


Jeff Bliss was appreciated for his behavior. Like, how he stands against the teacher and gives her a reality check on her teaching methods. Currently, there is no exact information on Jeff Bliss. 

However, it is confirmed that sometimes he posts content on his Social Media accounts, which shows proof of his existence. 

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