Where To Find Crystal Marrow Genshin Impact 2022

There is something you need to know about the Crystal Marrow in Genshin that is really important for this game. 

Where to find Crystal Marrow Genshin? – These local specialties from Inazuma can be found near a mythical snake who had to face Raiden Shogun in the battle. That snake’s name is Orobashi, and you will find its corpse in the Yashiori and Tatarasuna Island. This might not be enough for you to locate them, so, we have a lot more for you to know ahead. 

Genshin Impact is a role-playing video game set in an open- world. There are four interchangeable characters in the game that a player can take control of. In the game, there are ten different types of ores to find in different locations, one of them being the Crystal Marrow which is needed for leveling up some characters. 

For the characters’ ascension, it is necessary to collect Crystal Marrow in the game which is why we are here to help you out with this. 

What Is Crystal Marrow In Genshin? 

Crystal Marrow is a rare and unique kind of ore in the game Genshin Impact, which is important for only one, yet significant purpose. 

This Crystal Marrow does have strong energy possessed into it, which has the capability of the ascension of certain characters in the game. This is the reason why Fatuis, who resides in Inazuma, has so much interest in it. 

This crystal is enough for him to create delusions and let the character have the abilities having visions. Thus, it is quite an important material in the game and has to be collected. 

Aloy and Sayu are the two characters that need Crystal Marrow for their ascension. Without this ore, these characters have no way to ascend. If you want to reach level 6 of the ascension of a character in Genshin, then you will require to gather about 168 Crystal Marrow in total. 

Apart from this, you can also use Crystal Marrow for increasing the strength of some metals by using it as a material component while performing the smelting process. 

Since these Crystal Marrows respawn once every two to three days, and you have a lot to collect, it is better that you start farming them as early as possible. 

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Where To Find Crystal Marrow Genshin?

The only location that has Crystal Marrow in Genshin is Inazuma. Yes, this is the only place where you will be able to get this ore. 

You will basically find this ore present near the corpse of Orobashi, which is a mythical snake that is believed to have died in a battle when he had to face Raiden Shogun. 

However, it will not be that easy to navigate this crystal marrow directly. So, to make your task easy, you can take assistance from Ningguang’s Passive Talent, which is the Trove of marvelous treasures.

This will let you look for where the ores are present across the mini-map. It will make it easy for you to locate them. So, that’s all about where to find Crystal Marrow Genshin.

How To Get Crystal Marrows In Genshin?

Unlike the other ores present in the game, Crystal Marrows are easier to obtain. How? Well, to farm other ores in the Genshin Impact, the players need to either have a claymore-user, or they have to perform several plunging or charged attacks. 

But, in the case of Crystal Marrows, all you have to do is locate them and pick them up as you find one. Gathering these ores will become even easier if you first finish the World Quest Orobashi’s Legacy.

As you will complete this quest, the weather around Yashiori Island will become clear, and the thunderstrikes from before will also not be that aggressive and harmful. 

However, completing this quest first is just a suggestion we have for you to be able to collect more and more Crystal marrows easily. It is not mandatory that you have to finish this quest first, it is all up to you if you want to make your task easier. 

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Wrap Up

Now, you clearly know everything about how and where to find Crystal Marrow Genshin Impact. So, do not waste any time and start looking for them right now, only then you will be able to collect enough amount that will be of use for you in the game later.

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