Where To Find Good Pokemon In Pokemon Go – 5 Best Locations To Check Out

Do you want to upgrade the list of Pokemon you own as a trainer? Then we are here to tell you where to find good Pokemon in Pokemon GO that will make you outstand among all the other trainers with your awesome range of rare Pokemon in the game. 

To find good Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you must check out the locations like Brazil, Tokyo Park, Sydney (Australia), Santa Monica Pier, or New York Central Park. These are all the locations with the highest spawning rate of some amazing Pokemon worldwide. If you want more specific coordinates and information regarding this, continue to read. 

As you know that geographical locations play a really important role in Pokemon Go because your location decides which kind of Pokemon will be easily available to you, right? So, you need to be aware of all the important locations where some of the best Pokemon can be found so that you can catch them if it is feasible for you.

This article will cover all the major locations where to find good Pokemon in Pokemon Go and thus, it will greatly help you enhance your collection of Pokemon in the game. 

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Where To Find Good Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

If you know the right locations, you can get hold of some of the best regional rare Pokemon, including the shiny ones. There are several areas where you will find the PokeStops and Gyms and there you can take part in the raid battles to win over the Pokemon you have always wanted. 

Let us check out some of the best locations where you will find some of the rarest Pokemon in the game. 

1. Brazil

The best coordinates of the location in Brazil are -23. 551369, -46.658603 where you will be able to discover the highest spawn rate of the rarest Pokemon in the world. Also, since there is an ample amount of Pokestops in this location, you will not be having any deficiency of Pokeball. And, the number of gyms in this game is also really good where you can easily take part in the raids. 

2. Sydney, Australia

Next, we are going to talk about Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia. To be more specific, here are the coordinates: -33.860984, 151.216611 where again there is a high spawning rate of Pokemon that are quite rare. Since this is the harbor location, it also vastly increases your scope of finding some of the rarest Water Type Pokemon.

Within the coordinates mentioned above, the best places to check out include the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The number of gyms and Pokestops is also good so you won’t be having any issues looking for them.

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3. Tokyo Park

If you are desperate to get a great range of regional as well as some rare Pokemon, and you are also close to Tokyo, then Tokyo Park is the best choice ever going to be for you. The exact coordinates are 35.86857, 139.750454. Within this park, you will also find a large number of Pokestops and Gyms. 

In other words, you can say that this park acts as the Poke-Nest of various Pokemon, which also means that you also hold a good chance of catching some Shiny Pokemon here. 

4. New York Central Park

Here is another one of the best locations across the world where we would suggest you play Pokemon Go because this place is also the home to some great regional plus Rare Pokemon. The coordinates for the right location are 40.782773, -73.965363. In fact, if you check out this location, you will see a lot of players already catching Pokemon there. 

Among Shiny Pokemon, the most common ones that you can easily catch here are the Shiny Totodile Pokemon. 

5. Santa Monica Pier

This is the most suitable location to find good Water Pokemon if you are looking for any. Here are the coordinates for this: 34.007630, -118.499673, this is the double harbor location including the amusement park making it one of the most suitable places where one would love to play Pokemon Go. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you are well aware of the best places where to find good Pokemon in Pokemon Go. So, if you are still short of a good collection of Pokemon, check out which of the mentioned locations is most appropriate for you to visit and improve your Pokemon collection in the game. 

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