Where To Find Ralts In Pokemon Sword And Shield?

Do you wish to possess Psychic and Fairy-Type Pokemon in Pokemon Sword & Shield? If yes, then Gardevoir is the best option for you, but getting it is not an easy task. You need to collect some Ralts which helps you in the evolution of Gardevoir from Kirlia. So, finding Ralts is our main task. Let’s find out, “Where to find Ralts in Pokemon Sword & Shield”?

Ralts can be found in the Dappled Grove, North Lake Miloch, Rolling Fields, South Lake Miloch, Watchtower Ruins, or West Lake Axwell in the usual mainland Wild Area when it’s foggy. Ralts can occasionally spawn in the Rolling Fields during cloudy days.

Finding Ralts in these locations is also a difficult one. You need to take care of certain things if you wish to find Ralts quickly. For this, you definitely need proper guidance, so your time is not wasted and you will easily find and catch them. 

Continue reading this article to learn where you may find Ralts in Pokemon Sword and how to catch it without much difficulty.

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Where To Find Ralts In Pokemon Sword & Shield?

The following are the places where you can find Ralts.

Rolling Fields

  • OVERWORLD- Overcast (Lv. 7-10)- 2% Chance
  • OVERWORLD- Heavy Fog (Lv. 7-10)- 60% Chance

Dappled Grove

  • OVERWORLD- Heavy Fog (Lv. 13-15)- 25% Chance
  • NON-OVERWORLD- Heavy Fog (Lv. 11-15)- 40% Chance

Watchtower Ruins

  • OVERWORLD- Heavy Fog (Lv. 26-29)- 10% Chance

West Lake Axewell

  • OVERWORLD- Heavy Fog (Lv. 26-29)- 10% Chance

South Lake Miloch

  • OVERWORLD- Heavy Fog (Lv. 14-16)- 5% Chance
  • NON-OVERWORLD- Heavy Fog (Lv. 11-13)- 10% Chance

North Lake Miloch

  • OVERWORLD- Heavy Fog (Lv. 26-28)- 2% Chance
  • NON-OVERWORLD- Heavy Fog (Lv. 14-16)- 5% Chance

Rolling Fields (2)

  • OVERWORLD- Overcast (Lv. 7-10)- 2% Chance
  • OVERWORLD- Overcast (Lv. 7-10)- 25% Chance

Fields Of Honor

  • OVERWORLD- Heavy Fog (Lv. 10-15)- 10% Chance
  • NON-OVERWORLD- Heavy Fog (Lv. 13-18)- 15% Chance

Where To Find Ralts In Raids In Pokemon Sword & Shield?

You can also find Ralts in Max Raid Battles. The following places are where Ralts Raids are located.

  • Bridge Field
  • Hammerlocke Hills
  • Lake of Outrage
  • Motostoke Riverbank
  • Rolling Fields
  • Stony Wilderness
  • Watchtower Ruins

How To Catch Ralts In Pokemon Sword & Shield?

As Ralts are caught only in Foggy weather, you must go to the locations above where the weather is already foggy; otherwise, in areas such as (Rolling Fields) where the weather is clear, you must add fog by altering the date and time. 

The option to synchronize your clock with the internet must be disabled. Then, alter the date and time; searching for Ralts during the day is advised. After changing it, proceed to the location to catch the Ralts. You need to look about the area till you find them. Due to their small size, they are difficult to see. They start flying away from you as you approach close to them. In order to catch them, you must be extremely careful.

It will be simpler to capture him if you utilize the pokemon, which can put him to sleep.

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Ralts Counters

PokemonQuick MoveMain MoveType Of Move
MetagrossBullet PunchMeteor MashSteel, Steel
ChandelureHexShadow Ball Ghost, Ghost
GengarLick or Shadow Clay or HexShadow Ball Ghost, Ghost
CursolaHexShadow BallGhost, Ghost
RoseradePoison JabSludge BombPoison, Poison
DeoxysPoison JabZap CannonPoison, Electric
HoopaAstonishShadow BallGhost, Ghost
DialgaMetal ClawIron HeadSteel, Steel
GiratinaLick or Shadow ClawShadow Ball Ghost, Ghost
DarkraiSnarlShadow BallDark, Ghost


We hope that after reading this article, you can easily be able to find Ralts and can easily evolve Kirlia into Gardevoir, and finally Ralts and Gardevoir, both Pokemon are added to your list. 

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