Super Man Games For Kids

Are you looking for some good superman games that your kids can enjoy while playing? Well, there are many and your kids would surely love them. 

Superheroes have always been the source of inspiration and encouragement for kids to believe that there are always some people who are there to protect the world from evil. These superheroes let children take their imagination to another level. 

We all know how much today’s kids are obsessed with superheroes. They just can’t let go of admiring them. In such instances, kids usually fantasize about superman games. 

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If you also want to get your kid some amazing superman games that they can play, then we are here to help. 

Best Superman Games For Kids

Here are some of the best Superman games that are great to play when it comes to kids. Let us know about each of them one by one. 

1. Superman Dress Up Game

Why not first begin by letting your kids dress up their Superman. The blue costume, red cape, a yellow belt, and a huge S written over the chest, this is the common appearance of Superman no matter which era one belongs to. But, what about bringing about some changes to the original Superman’s suit? Maybe, your kid can better dress up his favorite superhero, so why not give them a chance? 

In the Superman Dress Up Game, your kids can show their creativity by dressing up their Superman in their very own manner and see how they put this. 

2. Batman vs Superman Race Game

If your kid is a die-hard fan of Superman, they would surely want to show their Superman superior to any other superhero and they won’t miss a chance at this. What could be a better superhero rival to Superman than Batman? 

So, in this game, your kids can choose the character of Superman and then race with the Batman while collecting coins on their way on the track and winning the race to beat Batman. The game will be fun for kids. 

3. Spot The Difference: Superman

In this game, you will see two similar pictures on the screen, related to Superman. There will be a few slight differences between both the images and that’s what the player has to spot. This game will help improve the visual attentiveness of your kids which is a good thing for your kids, so you should definitely let them play this game. 

4. Superman Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle games are really good for kids at their younger age to help develop their minds. But, kids might often refuse to play such games. Yet, how come they resist solving a jigsaw puzzle when their favorite superhero, Superman is there? It will be impossible for kids to ignore this game if they truly admire Superman. 

5. Superman Metropolis Defender

It is time that your kids are going to help Superman save the Metropolis from the meteors that are about to hit it. You are the only hope to save the city, if you miss a meteor, it will hit the land and the citizens would be in danger. 

Superman needs your help, come on and save the world! Use the heat vision to destroy the meteors that have been made of Kryptonite. Let your kids have the feeling of being a savior and enjoy the moment through this game. 

6. Superman Returns Save Metropolis

Here is another Superman game for kids where they will help saving the lives of people by protecting the debris of the Daily Planet buildings from falling down. 

Not just you have to lend a hand to Superman to protect the people, but you also have to save the life of Superman, if the Superman holds the debris for longer, he might not be able to carry the weight of the pieces of the building, so he has to quickly carry it upwards and dispose of it.

7. Justice League Training Academy Superman Game

Now is the time to fight off the horde of robots that are attacking Superman. Superman is bare-handed and has to just use the strength of his punches to kick off the robots. 

8. Uno Classic DC Comics Superman Edition

If you like to play Uno, you can get the Uno Classic DC Comics Superman Edition so that you can play it along with your kids and they will enjoy it too. This card game is great to play with children over seven years of age. 

9. Superman Word Search

This game is another great Superman game that your kids can play as it is quite educational at the same time it is fun too. Your child will probably get a better memory through such games and at the same time, it will help enhance your kid’s problem-solving skills. 

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Wrap Up

These were all some of the best-suited superman games that you can let your kids play and they will also learn a bit of something from each of these games. Let your kids have some fun with their favorite Superhero.

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