Where To Find Scarab In Genshin Impact?

Cyno, being a key character in Genshin Impact, needs to ascend throughout the game. To keep this thing in consideration, Genshin Impact is now updated with the new material or bugs known as Scarabs Beetles. You will need to gather a lot of these dung-rolling bugs in order to level up Cyno.

In order to get them, firstly you should know about their locations, Right? So, before moving forward, in order to add them to your list, Let’s find out, “Where to find Scarabs In Genshin Impact”?

In simple words, we can say that you will find Scarabs in the Sumeru Desert which is located in the west of the Ashavan Realm area, indicated in the map of Genshin Impact.

However, there are still some challenges you must face in order to locate them. You can face them easily with this article. Come with us, and let’s grab some scarab beetles!

Where To Find Scarab In Genshin Impact?

Scarab beetles are found in Sumeru’s Great Red Sand region, located west of the Ashavan Realm. The desert contains a number of areas where you will be able to locate beetles in black and gold colors.

The majority of Scarabs can be found lying in plain sight on the sand as you explore; they only become apparent when you approach them.

Some Scarabs are hidden underground

If you don’t see any of the beetles on the surface, you will need to look beneath the dunes to find them because many of them are underground. You must begin the “Golden Slumber” global quest line in order to enter the underground Sumeru desert. In Aaru Village, you can start this mission.

You will have to wait roughly 48 hours for these beetles to respawn, just like the other purple beetles from Inazuma. If you need more to level up your Cyno quickly, you will need to wait for two days or ask a friend politely, to take some from their world.

Scarab Locations By Sumeru Area

  • Scarabs In Aaru Village: We found a few Scarabs in the vicinity of Teleport Waypoints and among the rock formations to the north of Aaru Village.
  • Scarabs In The Dune Of Carouses: You can locate the Scarabs close to the Garden of Endless Pillars Domain. The scarabs are located inside the actual remains at the Dune of Carouses.
  • Scarabs In The Dune Of Magma And Elusion: We found a lot of scarabs everywhere over the Dune of Magma and Elusion.
  • Scarabs In The Eye Of The Sands: There are definitely some Scarabs on the left side of the Eye of the Sands.
  • Scarabs In The Mausoleum Of King Desert: Around King Desert’s Mausoleum, you will find scarabs. There could be some scarabs underground as well.
  • Scarabs At The Sobek Oasis: You can also find a large number of scarabs in the Sobek Oasis area.
  • Scarabs At The Valley Of Dahri: You are now able to locate Scarabs near the Statue of the Seven and a Teleport Waypoint in the Dahri Valley.

Scarab Hunting Tips In Genshin Impact?

After finding Scarabs, now you are ready to hunt them. Before hunting, there are some vital aspects that need your consideration.

  • Look out for rolling balls of dirt: Don’t get upset if you see a ball of dirt moving over the desert because scarabs typically roll. Beetles are present there.
  • Bop that Bug: You can’t just pick up a scarab when you see one, unlike frogs, and other little creatures. Before you may collect scarab beetles, you must strike them with your weapon. We find that a swordsman works best for this purpose, although anything will do.

How To Hunt Scarabs In Genshin Impact?

Players of Genshin Impact must search for a little scarab that travels a short distance around each of the places indicated on the interactive maps.

Once the player is close to the scarab, it is simple to identify them, especially given that they frequently roll some sand balls around.

Simply go to the scarab and engage with it to add this Ascension Material to your inventory.

How Many Scarabs Does Cyno Need?

There are a total of 168 Scarabs for each Ascension Level.

  • Level 20+ : 3 scarabs
  • Level 40+ : 10 scarabs
  • Level 50+ : 20 scarabs
  • Level 60+ : 30 scarabs
  • Level 70+ : 45 scarabs
  • Level 80+ : 60 scarabs


Good Luck Guys!! For the time being, that is all there is to know about Genshin Impact Scarab sites and their hunting. Hope our guide is helpful to you.

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