How To Get Lucario In Pokemon Go In 2 Simple Steps

If you need a good Pokemon that will be suitable for the solo 3 Star Raids, then you must know that Lucario is a great option. So, do you wish to know how to get Lucario in Pokemon Go? Well, this article is all about finding and obtaining this Steel Type Fighting Pokemon in the game.

To get Lucario in Pokemon Go, you will first have to find a Riolu Pokemon because it is nearly impossible to get a Lucario in its already evolved form. So, you have to grab the 2 km, 7 km, and 10 km eggs from the PokeStops and hatch them to get a Riolu and then evolve it into Lucario. To understand the process better, you will need to read further. 

If you have a Steel Type Pokemon on your list in Pokemon Go, then it is going to prove of great advantage to you because of the wide range of Pokemon Types it shows resistance to. On top of that, if that Pokemon also falls under the Flying Type category, what else could one wish for? Of course, we are talking about Lucario, and after knowing that, you must also be eager to get this extremely rare Pokemon on your side. 

Let us check out how to get Lucario in Pokemon Go, which is one of the most popular Pokemon in the game and at the same time, one of the rarest Pokemon too. 

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How To Get Lucario In Pokemon Go?

We advise you not to begin searching for a Lucario by roaming around in the wild because that is exactly what is known as the ultimate wastage of time, and we are sure that you do not wish to do that, right? 

Find The Pre-Evolution Form Of Lucario

So, the best way in which you can get a Lucario is by hatching an egg. But, remember that you are not going to directly get the fully evolved version of this Pokemon without much pain. 

If you obtain the 2 km, 7 km, and 10 km eggs in Pokemon Go by spinning the PokeStops, or you can also have the gift eggs, you will first receive the Riolu Pokemon from them, which is the pre-evolution form of Lucario, in case you are not aware. 

Also, remember that even getting the pre-evolution form of Lucario is also not that easy and common, there are only 0.7 in 100 chances of having that good of luck. So you will require an ample amount of eggs and incubators to keep trying your luck. 

The highest chances of hatching a Riolu from an egg is when you have an Adventure Sync 50 Km reward Egg because these eggs will get only a few rare species hatched from them, which means that getting a Riolu from them also has a great probability of happening. So, if you are capable enough, lay your hands on a few such eggs and hatch them. 

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Evolve Riolu Into Lucario

So, once you obtain Riolu hatched from one of the eggs you have got, you can proceed with the process of evolving it into a Lucario. Now you must be wondering how to accomplish that. 

It is not much you have to do, first, you will need to raise the level of friendship with this Pokemon, for which you will require to make Riolu your buddy in the game. 

Walk with Riolu unless you have obtained about 50 candies respectively after which you will need to feed all these 50 candies to the same Riolu that you had as your buddy and walked with. This will get your baby Riolu Pokemon to evolve into the intense Lucario. 

As you have got the 50 Riolu candies, you will need to visit the Pokemon Page and tap on the Evolve button. Then you will get the Lucario that you had been waiting for so long. 

Wrap Up

Here we are, got you covered with everything related to how to get Lucario in Pokemon Go that you needed to be aware of. Thus, if you were still looking for a ready-made Lucario in the game, then stop that right now and instead start grabbing the eggs that are needed to get a Riolu hatched from one of them.

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