How Many Pokemon Go Players Are There In 2022?

Although we already know the popularity that the game Pokemon Go has attained throughout all these years, you might still be curious about how many Pokemon Go players are there in total on a global level or in your respective country, right? That’s why we have brought the entire statistical data regarding the same for you. 

As per the latest statistical record of the people that play Pokemon Go worldwide for the last month, it has been inferred that an average of 76,899,058 Pokemon Go players are there in total. 

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality Video Game that was released by Niantic in the year 2016. Within a little time since its release, the game gained so much popularity and praise throughout the world that so many people including kids, teenagers, as well as adults had indulged in this game and still play it as their pastime. 

This popularity of an amazing Pokemon game makes people wonder about how many people might be playing this game in total and how much the game might be earning on a global level. 

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How Many Pokemon Go Players Are There?

Since the game – Pokemon Go is quite simple to play as well as non-violent, yet it is too interesting for people to ignore, a lot of people from all age groups love to play this AR game and spend most of their free time in it, it also helps the people explore their localities better and find the places where they had never thought of visiting before in their own surroundings, thus, the game also keeps the players active throughout the gameplay. 

Worldwide, there have been about 76,899,058 Pokemon Go players in the last 30 days alone. While, as we speak of August 2022, by the end of the month, the average number of active Pokemon Go players reached the value of 78,263,001 which is a really good population. 

However, if we talk of the active Pokemon Go players present in the US alone is 827,205 which is the highest. 

In the second position comes Great Britain with the average number of daily active users of Pokemon Go being about 272,015. 

The third is Japan where around 269,733 people actively play Pokemon Go on an average daily basis. 

Next to these comes Sweden and then Canada where you will find the most players active in Pokemon Go. 

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Although there were many controversies being brought up regarding this game in the year 2021, especially during the Covid crisis, the game still continued to get popular. 

We realize that a lot of people have even died and been injured while playing Pokemon Go, this is the level of the craze of this amazing AR video game among people across the world. 

Earlier, Niantic had expanded the radar by allowing people to play the game in a lot of locations which sometimes also created trouble, but, Niantic soon realized its mistake and reduced the location availability with time, thus, the game became safer and more acceptable than before as a result of which it kept growing with its popularity. 

Most of the players that prefer to play Pokemon Go usually fall between the age group of 21 to 30 years. 

26 years is the average age of the maximum number of people who love to play Pokemon Go and are active players. 

As per the reports,  people from the age groups 21 to 25 occupy 32.6% of the players of Pokemon Go, which is the highest age group, while people from the age group 26 to 30 have the percentage of 25.4%, second in the list. 

The third age group is from 31 to 35 years with 11.2% population of players in this game while the people from the age group 20 are about 18%. At last, the player that falls under the age group from 36 to 40 is only 12.8%.

If distinguished the players of Pokemon Go on the basis of gender, we find that about 58.7% of Pokemon Go players are Male while the remaining 41.3% are females. 

Wrap Up

We think this information is more than enough for you to understand how popular Pokemon Go is and how many Pokemon Go players are there on average. If there is anything else you are willing to know about Pokemon Go, you may simply tell us in the comments.

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