Destiny 2 How To Get Divinity 2022

Obtaining Divinity in Destiny 2 is a must because this is one of the most exotic rifles in the game. Being an exclusive arc trace rifle to the game Destiny 2 how to get divinity 2022 is important for all the players right now, and guess what? We know the right pathway for this and are going to share the same with you right here. 

There are several perks of the exotic Divinity in Destiny 2 like Judgement and Penance Traits. It is the best thing that can help you easily weaken and disrupt your enemy while taking sustained damage. Thus, if you have Divinity, you can easily inflict some extra damage on your opponent. 

To get Divinity in Destiny 2, you need to first go to the Sorrow’s Harbor area of the moon and fight the boss that appears through the portal. Then, the Divinity Exotic quest will begin where you will have to get 3 Vex Cores, then eliminate Vex on the Moon, after that you need to purchase the empowered Core. finally purchase the Shadowkeep expansion and complete the Garden of Salvation Raid. Finally, you will have the exotic Divinity.

The process is a bit long and confusing, which is why we have provided an elongated guide for you to get Divinity in Destiny 2. If you read it and follow the same, you will soon have this rifle for yourself.

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In Destiny 2 How To Get Divinity 2022?

There is a variety of weapons and armor that you will find in Destiny 2, Divinity being one of them. If you want to get Divinity in the game, you can just simply get it by purchasing the Shadowkeep expansion. However, you will not be able to get this Exotic if you do not have access to Shadowkeep.

But, don’t stress over this, there is also another way for you to get Divinity in Destiny 2 in 2022. For this, you will first need to begin with the Sorrow’s Harbor area of the Moon. 

From there, you have to go to the bottom right area where you will find the red bridge. Cross this bridge and travel to the entrance of the cave once it opens. 

This is the start of your Raid, now you have to clear all the Vex, and then through a portal a boss will appear that you need to kill. 

Here your Divinity Exotic Quest will begin. As you are now part of this quest, you need to go to all three lost sectors of Nessus. In each of these sectors, you have to find the hidden room where you will get a Vex Core, and analyze all three Vex Cores. 

Then go to the Orrery where on the top right side of the main corridor you will find a secret passage with blue light. 

Then, in the Ancient’s Haunt, you will find the secret room right left to the Lost Sector entrance. 

 Lastly, in the Conflux, you will find the secret area in the main area. This is the same area where your enemies spawn. You will find this room by jumping up a few steps. 

Then comes the next part of this quest where you need to eliminate Vex on the Moon, just go for the public events to make this happen. Make sure you stay near the Vex Invasion Zones. 

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Once you see a boss Vex, continue to focus on the grunts because you need to have 120 Vex kills first. If you receive Decryption Core Fragments on killing Vek, it means that you are performing correctly in this quest. 

Then, you will need an empowered core that you can purchase on the Moon. It can be obtained from the Sanctuary at the Lectern of Enchantment. You will need 30 Phantasmal Fragments to purchase this item. 

To get these Phantasmal Fragments, you can either spend your Helium Filaments if you have any, or you can also head to the Sorrow’s Harbor where you can farm Nightmare enemies to get these fragments. 

Next, you have to purchase the Shadowkeep expansion so that you can go for the Garden of Salvation Raid. As soon as you jump into this raid, you will have to solve 7 puzzles one after another. 

Once you have completed all 7 puzzles, the raid will be finished, you will get two chests to open and finally, you will be able to get your Divinity. 

Wrap Up

That was all about how you can obtain Divinity in Destiny 2. Right now, this is the only way in which you can have this exotic rifle in the game in 2022. We hope that this guide was helpful to you, however, if there is still something troubling you and stopping you from getting Divinity, you can share your issue with us in the comments for us to help you out with it.

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