Who Is Jasmine White 403 On TikTok?

TikTok is a viral social media platform best known for its videos. People watch videos made by their favorite celebrities or mentors and try to copy and make videos like them. 

Many famous TikTokers worldwide are known for their viral videos, some of which become TikTok stars. You must have heard about Bella Poarch, she has impressed people with her lip-syncing videos, and now she is also a singer. 

But have you guys heard about the viral Ms. White girl? If not, then who is Jasmine White 403 on TikTok? Let’s resolve this mystery and get started with today’s article!

Resolving The Mystery Of Who Is Jasmine White 403 On Tiktok!

Well, people indeed love to watch and hit likes on their favorite celebrities’ viral videos and now also they love to share them with their loved ones. 

Similarly, among these viral videos, the name of another TikToker has been added who is scaring people and making them feel bad with her viral videos. 

The name of the girl is Jasmine White, who was running her account on TikTok in the name of Jasmine White 403. 

By this, we mean that her account has now been banned from TikTok and has been removed. But what was she showing in her videos that led to this situation?

Let us tell you. Jasmine showed eating raw meat in her videos; She ate a whole non-cooked bird, raw, without any problem! And in a video, she even showed herself eating raw fish meat, in which she was eating its mouth!

Didn’t it seem strange? People also tweeted on Twitter a lot about this TikTok video and also criticized it. For now, this viral video has been removed from Tiktok and Jasmine

White’s account has been banned.

But people are still forwarding its screen-recorded videos and the reaction of all those who have watched this viral TikTok video is very disappointing. 


By resolving the mystery of who is Jasmine White 403 on TikTok, we get to know that she had made a viral video of eating raw meat on TikTok which was quite disturbing and disappointing.

We believe that TikTok is a trendy entertainment platform where people make funny, educational, and fun challenge videos platform. 

So, in our opinion, TikTokers should not make these disturbing videos just to increase their publicity and to make them viral. 


Q1. Is that harmful to eat raw meat or chicken?

Ans. Usually, people do stupid things to make themselves viral, but you are wise. You should never eat raw meat of any kind, why? Because eating raw meat can make you face many foodborne illnesses. If food is not stored or cooked properly, the microbes and pathogens present in it can contaminate your food. 

Q2. Why do TikTok users warn others not to look up this viral video?

Ans. As a result of our research, we found that the content creator, Jasmine was filming a stupid challenge video of consuming raw fish, and chicken as well. Many people find this video disturbing and thus people suggest clothes not to watch this out!

Q3. How many views does the viral video have?

Ans. There is no doubt that this video has been viewed more than 61.6 million times on the TikTok application.

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