Who is JCP Shroff in the Scoop?

The Netflix series “Scoop” from 2023 guides audiences on the tumultuous path of crime investigation, highlighting interactions between journalists and police officers. One of these characters, JCP Harshvardhan Shroff, is a key figure in the narrative, helping to enrich it with intricacy and depth. This article discusses the character of Shroff, his real-life model and actor who did not portray him.

Who is JCP Shroff in the Scoop?

JCP Harshvardhan Shroff, played by Harman Baweja in the film, acts as a top officer of Mumbai Police and one with much power. As a connecting point between the reporter Jagruti, Shroff assumes an important role in the investigative activity and gives valuable information on cases that she reports. However, the work-based relationship between these two is complicated with undercurrents such as Shroff wanting Jagruti but not being reciprocated.

The details of Shroff’s character are brought to light when Jagruti is arrested and jailed in relation to another reporter killed. Shroff’s engagement reaches an unpredictable turning point, with the announcement of his cancer diagnosis providing additional complexity to him. But his path to redemption is not easy and shows the inner battles that doom him from fully accepting what he has done.

Is Shroff the Real Model for Scoop’s Police Officer?

Yes, JCP Shroff is a fictional character based on Himanshu Roy—a reputed Indian police officer from Maharashtra in real life. Himanshu Roy contributed greatly when investigating the reporter Jigna Vora, allegedly linked to Chhota Rajan in killing journalist Jyotirmoy Dey. With the help of Himanshu Roy based on his real-life incidents, there is much authenticity regarding how Shroff has been portrayed in “Scoop.”

Who Plays Shroff?

This is where actor and producer Harman Baweja, playing the role of JCP Shroff in the Netflix series “Scoop”, born on 13 November 1980, was brought by Himanshu Roy into life.

Who was Himanshu Roy?

He was an acclaimed Indian officer armed with a distinguished career. Himanshu Roy was born in June 1963. Roy became the Chief of the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad and was awarded a police medal for meritorious service and independent anniversary fiftieth year. His commitment toward law enforcement was evident in his participation in high-profile cases, such as gang investigations about D Company and Chhota Rajan. Unfortunately, Himanshu Roy died on May 11th,2018 and is still living in the field known as policing.


As well as aiding audiences to be overwhelmed by the story flow, “Scoop” introduces characters like JCP Shroff, mirroring the real features of law enforcers. The blending of the realistic inspirations in the character Himanshu Roy and Harman Baweja’s subtle performance weaves layers within this pivot, equating “Scoop” to a potent exhibition of crime, journalism, and life complexities.

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