Yun Nam Hair Care treatment review

Both men and women with thick lustrous hair find that their hair enhances their overall appearance. In contrast, thinning hair makes a person look older and the person is often asked embarrassing questions by relatives and friends regarding hair loss. Additionally, the hair strands are always falling off, which is inconvenient since this hair will fall in the food, on clothes, and other places.

Hence most people suffering from hair loss are trying a wide variety of products and services to reduce hair fall. Yun Nam Haircare is one of the most reputed hair treatment providers in Singapore, hence both men and women interested in being treated for hair loss would like to check a Yun Nam Hair Care treatment review before taking a decision. Some of the factors which should be considered while evaluating a hair-loss prevention treatment are discussed in detail.

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Factors affecting hair loss

Hair loss, as well as hair growth in all individuals, depends to some extent on hereditary factors, which cannot be changed. Another important factor that affects hair loss is a lifestyle, specifically the stress levels, and quality of sleep. Compared to housewives and students, working men and women have higher stress levels, so they are more likely to face a problem of hair loss. Lack of nutrients and drinking less water can also adversely affect hair growth. Finally, age is a major factor in determining the thickness of the hair, older men and women are more likely to suffer from hair loss.

Analyzing hair loss

The better hair treatment salons realize that hair problem are unique to each customer. So they will first do a detailed scan of the hair of the client, to find out the problems in the hair. They will check the thickness of the hair in the various sections of the head, in some areas, due to hair loss, the hair is thinner. Some of the customers are losing more hair daily and new hair is growing very slowly. Dandruff is another embarrassing problem for many customers. Other customers have clogged follicles and oily scalp, due to which the various hair treatment products they purchase do not have the desired effect. After doing the hair scan, the hair-care specialist will discuss the problem in detail with the client, and try to get more information about the lifestyle of the client.

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Specifically, the specialist will usually ask about the stress levels, the number of hours the client is sleeping daily, and the amount of water he drinks. This will help the specialist to identify the main reason for hair thinning so that suitable lifestyle changes can be made. Additionally, this will also help in finalizing a customized treatment for the client, to reduce the hair thinning to the extent possible.

Treatment procedure

Since many clients are facing the problem of clogged follicles and dandruff, the scalp of the client is first cleaned by applying a cleaning solution. It is advisable to use herbal products which contain Ginseng since they are safer with fewer side effects. The cleansing solution is then removed and a renewal lotion is applied to the head for some time. Additionally, shampoo, conditioner, and renewal lotion is provided

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