Who Is The Final Boss In Elden Ring

If you like to play open-world games, Elden Ring provides an amazing action sequence and a surreal world for you to explore. The player character must become the new Elden Lord and to fulfill that purpose, he needs to repair the Elden Ring. The players can craft the items they require and with the collected resources, they can also upgrade their weapons and armor. 

The characters in Elden Ring are as exciting as its gameplay and the open world. Just like the protagonist, the enemy bosses make the game more interesting and challenging too. There are several bosses the protagonist must encounter and fight and many of them are challenging and hard to defeat. 

The final boss in the final phase of Elden Ring is the Elden Beast and is the last one the player must encounter to finally win the game. 

We are sure that you want to know much more about this Final Boss in Elden Ring, so, why don’t you choose to read further and get the information?

Who Is The Final Boss In Elden Ring?

The climax of the game is brilliant but isn’t singular. The last fight is divided into two phases and the player must fight against two bosses at the end. The first encounter is with Radagon of the Golden Order. The fight with Radagon is as laborious and tough as the final level. The player needs to compete with him to reach the final level and the Elden Ring Final Boss. 

There are a lot of bosses in Elden Ring that you will find throughout the game, but the one at the top, the final boss, is the Elden Beast. Elden Beast in the game is a gigantic monster whose attacks are brutal and whose power enhances due to the Elden Ring.

To emerge as the winner of this amazing game, you have to beat the final boss and you will be rewarded as the champion. However, the players believe that other previous bosses were more brutal and better but being the final villain, Elden Beast does hold some great power to stop the player’s character. 

Who Is The Final Boss In Elden Ring- FAQs

What happens after you defeat Elden Beast?

Elden Beast is the game’s final boss and your last test, when you defeat Elden Beast, you become the winner of the final level and the complete game. You can get the ending you desire and then, you will get an option to initiate New Game Plus.

How hard is Elden Beast?

Fighting with Elden Beast is your final round and of course a difficult phase. The slippery beast is tough to keep in sight and has fighting tactics similar to that of a dragon. Elden Beast’s sword can be fatal to your life and the attacks are nothing less than a nightmare, however, these difficulties will lead you to become the one and only champion. 

Where can I play Elden Ring?

Fans can enjoy this amazing action role-playing game on Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5

What does the Final Boss in Elden Ring give you?

After defeating the final boss, the player will emerge as a winner and will be presented with numerous runes and Elden Remembrance. When defeated, the final boss, Elden Beast, will drop Elden Remembrance which the player can acquire, and a lot of runes too. 

Wrap Up

Elden Ring is an outstanding but hard game to play. The levels are difficult and so is the fight with the bosses. We provided you with information regarding the final bosses the player will encounter in the final phases and the probable attacking methods they have. Defeating the final boss is difficult but you can only become undefeatable if you go through some hardships. We have given you an insight into the Elden Beast which you must read carefully to defeat the monster. 

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