Why Can’t I Battle In Pokemon Go? Find Out Its Reasons With Fixes

Pokemon Go is a fantastic way to interact with the Pokemon universe with the power of augmented reality. The most interesting feature for everyone is Pokemon Battles.

Pokemon fans find battles to be quite thrilling. But, some errors & glitches make the battle experience less enjoyable. Currently, players are dealing with the issue of not being able to battle in Pokemon Go. What are the reasons for that?

Well!! There are many reasons behind that. Some of the reasons include may be your PvP option not working or the battle level in your game may be locked for you, issues with your internet connectivity, cache, or many more.

How to solve all these issues? Relax!! The good news is that there are simple fixes for each issue which we can explain it you now.

Why Can’t I Battle In Pokemon Go? Know About Their Issues

Due to some issues, it may have happened that you can’t battle in pokemon go.`Some of these issues are:

  • Player vs. Player mode is not working properly, sometimes they fail to recognize close players.
  • Sometimes it refuses to connect to the remote battle mode.
  • Some players in the Go Battle League see errors along with a time-out notification.

How To Fix Why Can’t I Battle In Pokemon Go?

Following are the ways to fix these issues:

  • Enable Automatic Time Update
  • Make Sure You Meet The Minimum Requirements
  • Clear App Cache
  • Allow Battle Challenges
  • Switch Connection
  • Use QR Code
  • Use ClockSync App

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Enable Automatic Time & Date Update

When playing pokemon, setting the time is the most crucial step to take. In some devices, the time and date are updated automatically if it is incorrect. But if it has not been updated due to some reason, then you will have to update it yourself soon. Pokemon Go Battle won’t start on your device if the time and date are incorrect. These steps will only work for non-rooted devices.

Here’s how you can fix this issue:

  • Close the Pokemon Go app
  • Go to the alarm clock settings
  • Select your device alarm clock by clicking on it
  • On the clock settings menu, click Edit System Time
  • Turn off the automatic date and time
  • Restart the computer
  • Enable Automatic Time & Date by opening the clock settings window once more
  • Open the pokemon go app and enjoy the game again

Use ClockSync App

In order to change or fix your time & date issue on rooted devices, then you need to download an app called “ClockSync”. Here are the steps for it

  • Download the ClockSync App new version only
  • After opening the app, click the “actions tab”
  • Select Synchronize
  • Launch Pokemon Go

Make Sure You Meet The Minimum Requirements

In Pokemon Go, you must be at level 10 or higher to participate in battles. Battles are closed to you if you are less than level 10. To begin battling in Pokemon Go, gather some pokemon, train them, and level them up to level 10 or higher.

Clear App Cache

Data that has been corrupted sometimes ends up in the cache. Later, it leads to misbehaviour, bugs, or some flaws in the app. Therefore, removing the cache makes sure there are no corrupted files in the program cache storage. So, it is important to clear the cache for fixing the battle issue. Here’s how you can clear it.

  • Enter the device’s settings
  • Visit Apps
  • Go find Pokemon
  • Locate the cache-clearing option
  • Remove the cache
  • Restart the device
  • Start Pokemon Go

Allow Battle Challenges

If option “Allow Battle Challenges” which is an in-game option, is disabled on your app. Then, you need to enable it to allow yourself to engage in battle challenges. Here’s how can enable it.

  • Go to the settings
  • Find “Allow Battle Challenges With Friends”
  • Enable it by clicking on it

Switch Connection

If you fail to battle in Pokemon Go, then maybe the issue is with your connectivity. In that case, try switching between your connections. Use mobile data if you are using wifi. Try Wifi if you are utilizing mobile data. Also, make sure that your internet connection is not weak.

Use QR Code

If the other ways are not working for you, then use the QR Code to challenge and begin a PvP battle. As there is no requirement for a third-party QR Scanner, it is a rather simple and practical method that will most of the time solve your problem related to battles.

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In short, if your battles are not working properly in pokemon go, then it must be due to some kind of glitches that is related to your app, internet connection, data files, or PvP issue. But, now you don’t have to deal with this battle issue anymore. As mostly all the solutions to fix these problems are discussed with you now. You only need to identify your problem and fix it and enjoy battle mode again with your friends in Pokemon Go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do battles in Pokemon Go do anything?

In Pokemon Go, fighting earns you rewards and experience. You will now also have the chance to use your selected pokemon in the battle.

How can you enable the battling option in pokemon go?

Steps to enable the battle option are as follows:

  • Click the Friends Tab
  • This will open your Friend’s List
  • Click on that friend whom you want to battle with
  • Select the Battle Icon
  • Click on Let’s Battle to invite your friend to the battle

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