Best Turbografx 16 Games 2022

It is needless to say that Turbografx 16 games are developed by some of the best gaming developers, thus, if you have the Turbografx 16 console, you are going to experience the best Turbografx 16 games ever that we have filtered out after deep research.

Turbografx 16 is a 4G video game console, also known as the PC Engine. Being the first 16-bit console, it became widely popular in Japan. Although this console is not that popular worldwide, there are certain games that it offers that have no match. 

The best games for Turbografx 16 are: 

1. Devil’s Crush

2. Military Madness

3. The Legendary Axe

4. Cadash

5. Bloody Wolf

6. Lords Of Thunder

7. Neutopia

We will now discuss all the seven games in detail to give you a better idea of each of them before you decide which ones you would love to play. 

7 Best Turbografx 16 Games

1. Devil’s Crush

Best Turbografx 16 Games - Devil's Crush

This one is a pinball game where a single table is spread across three screens and every screen has a pair of flippers. You nudge or bump on the table to direct the ball to the patch it needs to go to. There are also many bonus screens that will require to be unlocked several targets to hit. 

Devil’s Crush is the best pinball game you will ever find anywhere and is one of the Best Turbografx-16 exclusive games.

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2. Military Madness

Best Turbografx 16 Games - Military Madness

Military Madness game comes with a sci-fi theme and is a turn-based strategy game. You will control the hold of a future-based space army in this war game while fighting its way to the moon. There are sixteen different maps each more difficult than the other. You have to occupy the prison camp of the enemy to free the prisoners. The other choice you have is to destroy your enemy forces in the field. Whether it is the single-player or the multiplayer mode, you are going to find this game interesting in any way. 

3. The Legendary Axe

Best Turbografx 16 Games - The Legendary Axe

This game takes place in a land where the cult of Jagu is controlling all the inhabitants. Jagu is basically a mixture of man and beast and Gogan has to hand over one human to Jagu every year as a sacrifice. 

As Jagu chooses Gogan’s childhood friend Flare for the sacrifice this time, Gogan has to rescue Flare from the Evil Place in the mountain with the help of the Sting, the legendary ax handed over to him by the elders of the village. 

With such a great storyline, the gameplay gets far more intense and interesting at the same time. This is a great game on Turbografx 16 that you will get to play. 

4. Cadash

Best Turbografx 16 Games - Cadash

This one is an action c*m adventure game for Turbografx which has a high sword and sorcery fancy. The arcade version lets up to four players take part in the game at a time, choosing out of four different characters which include ninja, fighter, mage, and the priestess. 

All the players have to keep proceeding through different levels while killing the bosses and the monsters, and then collect the keys to the doors that are locked for collecting the gold. 

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5. Bloody Wolf

Best Turbografx 16 Games - Bloody Wolf

Two commandos from the special forces of the Bloody Wolf, Snake and Eagle, have been instructed to destroy the weapon base of the enemy and rescue the missing allies. 

Up to two players can play the game at once. With a side-view, you can attack in multiple directions. There are different scenes in the  levels of the mission and the players begin with armed by a machine gun and a knife. In the last stage you will have to battle the boss of the enemies, obtain new weapons and other items and rescue the hostages. 

6. Lords Of Thunder

Best Turbografx 16 Games - Lords Of Thunder

This one is a shooter game on Turbografx 16 full of fantasy where you will control the character of knight Landis. You are allowed to choose any of the first six stages in the game when you begin playing the game but the last stage will be unlocked only after you have cleared all the six stages, no matter in what order. 

Your character will be armed with a powerful sword, bombs, bullets,  and long-range shots. As you defeat the enemies collectibles will be dropped for you which will include heart icons, power crystals, red crystals and blue crystals. You need to keep collecting heart icons to replenish Landis’ health or else the game will be over if the whole health bar is depleted and you will have to start over. 

7. Neutopia

Best Turbografx 16 Games - Neutopia

Neutopia is another action-adventure game for Turbografx 16, which takes place  in the land oof Neutopia in the past, which was a peaceful land where a sacred shrine was worshipped by its people. Princess Aurora was in charge of looking after the shrine. One night Dirth, an evil demon invades the land and captures the princess. Now, a warrior named Jazeta has to fight off Dirth to rescue the princess back. 

You, as a player, will get to play the role of Jazeta. There are four levels (spheres) in the game that you will need to explore and recover two medallions from all of them. Once you get all the eight, you will be allowed to enter the North Pole, the house of Dirth. Here you will defeat Dirth and bring back Princess Aurora. 

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Wrap Up

These were all the best Turbografx 16 games that you need to play if you have this console. All these games are so good that they will bring your interest into them so badly that you won’t leave them unless you play till the end. 

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