Why Is My Disney+ Not Working?

Are you troubled with the improper functioning of your Disney + account? Well, there is a series of errors that can occur on Disney+ due to various reasons, which is why the question “Why is my Disney+ not working?” is not enough for us to know the problem and solve it, but, we can explain to you all the possible issues and their solutions so you can check which one you need. 

If your Disney+ is not working, you should first check that you have entered the correct login details. Then check if you have an active internet connection on your device. Make sure that you enter the right billing details. It could also be due to the server issue at the other party’s end for which you can do nothing but wait for them to deal with it. There are a lot of other reasons, allow us to let you know the most important ones. 

These days, you will see an abundance of streaming services you can subscribe to and watch your favorite movies and series. Different streaming services support varying movies and shows. And if you are a Disney fan, then the best-suited one for you would be Disney Plus which the Walt Disney company itself has created, unless you are fed up with the errors it displays when you try to watch something on it. 

In this article, we shall let you know all the possible reasons why your Disney+ is not working and how you can fix them.

Why Is My Disney+ Not Working?

There are several errors that can occur in your Disney+, let us first discuss each of them. 

Here are some of the most common Disney+ errors that you will encounter while using your account. 

1. Disney+ Error 43 And Error 24

If you ever see Error 24 or 43 on your Disney+ account, it is definitely due to some connection issue or login issue. 

To resolve these errors, you should first check if you are having an active and stable internet connection. Also, check your billing details to ensure the internet is working. Plus, make sure that you are entering the right credentials while logging in to your Disney+ account, 

2. Disney+ Error 39

Sometimes, when you are trying to stream on Disney+ using a device that is not supported for the platform, you will see Error 39 over there. So, make sure that you are using a device that Disney+ supports. Also, your HDMI cable should also be securely plugged in at both ports. 

3. Disney+ Error 442

As for this error, most users are quite perplexed about how to resolve it. Well, this one just indicates that the site is unable to connect with the Disney+ service. Most probably, it is an error at the company’s end and the servers are down. 

In this case, all you can do is, check if the internet speed of your connection is good enough to run the service. You can also try logging out of and into your Disney+ account on all of your devices. 

Make sure that you have cleared all the cache on your browser and also refresh your modem and reconnect it again. If none of these works, you will just have to wait for Disney to resolve the matter at their end to use their services again. 

4. Disney+ Error 73

Well, if you are searching for a title on Disney+ that is not available in your country, then you might see Error 73 on Disney+. If that’s not the case, you can refresh your wi-fi modem and check which IP address is being used to access the browser you are using. Make sure that you are not running a VPN connection from another country, that might be causing the error. 

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Other Reasons Why Is My Disney+ Not Working

There are a few other errors that you would probably see on Disney+ not letting you enjoy the services of your subscription. You should be aware of the reasons behind the errors so that you can fix them at the earliest possible time. 

1. Error 4

This could be due to your expired card. If there is any payment issue, you might see this error, so your card should neither be expired nor be from a region where the Disney+ services are not supported. 

2. Error 9

If the login information you entered while logging into your Diseny+ account is wrong or maybe you have entered the wrong payment details, you are likely to see this error on the site.

3. Error 11

This is an error you see when the content you are trying to access is not available in your region. There are chances that this is happening because you are using a VPN, so turn it off if that’s the case. 

4. Error 13

If you have shared your Disney+ account with a number of people, or you have logged into it from your own various devices, you will need to sign out of some of them because if your device limit is reached, you won’t be able to sign in to it from a new device. 

Wrap Up

There are a lot of such errors that would stop you from streaming your favorite shows or movies on Disney+. But the reasons behind them are a few, and common in most cases. You will have to check which issue is hindering your usage of the Disney+ account and then you can just quickly fix it. 

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