8 Best Co Op Switch Games Of All Time

Do you always play games alone on your Nintendo Switch? We guess this often gets somewhat boring with time. For a change, you should go for games that require team cooperation and coordination, which you can get from the co-op games. 

Co-op games are quite popular as in spite of playing games alone every time, it is far better to play along with your friends. Nintendo Switch offers a very good range of such games that you can let your friends in and go through the adventurous settings to win through cooperation.

However, it is necessary that you have a general idea about the game you are going to purchase so that you can first discuss with your friends if they are willing to play with you. 

Are you trying to get yourself the best co-op Switch games? Well, there are so many that you will never get tired of them. To help you out with this, we have filtered out some of the amazing and best co-op games on Switch that you really can’t afford to miss.

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Best Co Op Switch Games

Below is a list of the top 8 co-op games belonging to different gaming genres that you need to get for you and your friends to play on Switch. Have a look at them and see which is best suited for your squad. 

1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

This is the eighth installment of the Mario Kart series, it is a co-op kart game developed by Nintendo. There are new circuit designs for racing in the game as well as anti-gravity karts that can even turn upside down while racing. You can race your friends or battle them. This is one of the best 4 player Switch games locally played in coop mode. 

You can purchase the game from amazon at the rate of $59.88. 

2. Overcooked 2

This is a great cooking simulation game available for Nintendo Switch. You can make a team of four who will have to cooperate with each other to prepare and cook the orders in the restaurants. You will need to first gather, chop and then cook the ingredients. Then you have to combine them on the plates and serve the dishes. In the end, you also have to wash the dishes. 

There is a great need for coordination among the players in the game or everything will get messed up in no time. You are really going to enjoy this game. This is one of the best family co-op games Switch offers.

3. Super Mario Party

Here is another co-op game for Switch that requires four players who have to work together while navigating through a linear board depending upon the dice block that they have rolled. There are different spaces where the players land and accordingly receive the effects, such as adding or subtracting coins. 

Before rolling the dice, you can choose the character-specific dice for yourself. You can either go for the standard Dice block with numbers 1 to 6, or the unique dice block 

Go and purchase this game for your Nintendo Switch on Amazon at just 49.94.

4. Luigi’s Mansion 3

This is a great action-adventure game on Nintendo Switch where the players have to control the main character, Luigi, from a third person perspective, who has to catch the ghosts who are roaming in a large hotel. You will first need to weaken the strength of the ghosts to zero level and only then will you be able to capture the ghost. 

Get yourself this great coop game on Amazon at $36.99.

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5. Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime

Here is a great space shooter video game for Nintendo Switch. You can play this co-op game in either two-player or four-player mode.

In the game, you have to pilot a spaceship with your companions where there are various stations inside. The stations are supposed to control different things, such as the engine, shield, weapons, map, and Yamato cannon. 

6. Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together!

This is a coop puzzle game on Switch that is really going to be fun with your friends. There are paper pals Snip and Clip who have to cut each other in the correct shapes and only then they will be able to overcome the obstacles that are in their way. This is one of the best 2 player Switch games for adults.

7. Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition

This is a 2D platform game for Switch that you can play in coop mode. In the game are the characters Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies who have to wander through a forest that is enchanted with mysteries. Here they will find a mysterious tent where there are several paintings and each of them is supposed to depict a mythical story. 

Get this game for just $28.95 from Amazon and then play it with your best friends.

8. Stardew Valley

This is a simulation role-playing game for Nintendo Switch where the players have to play the character who takes over the farm of his grandfather, which is located in the Stardew Valley. 

The game is open-ended where the players have to perform different activities related to the farm like raising livestock, growing crops, foraging, mining, selling, and socialising with the people of that town. They also have to get married and have children in the game. 

You can add up to four players in all in this co-op game and then enjoy playing the roles in town life. 

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Wrap Up

These are all the best ever co op games for Switch that you should give a try. Share it with your friends and ask your friends to collectively purchase the game that you are all interested in playing together.

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