Secret Neighbor Cross Platform in 2022 | How To Invite Friends?

Horror games are fun and full of suspense. One of them is Secret Neighbour. It is a multiplayer game where you can play as a neighbor or as an intruder. But to play it with your friends, you should know if the secret neighbor is cross platform or not.

The game features action, adventure, and horror together which makes it worth playing. It was released in 2021. Its publisher is tinyBuild GAMES. Starting with the gameplay, you have to first sneak around and unlock the basement door by getting keys. Secret Neighbor is a co-op and thus can be played with teammates either playing as neighbors or intruders.

Coming towards the crossplay, the Secret Neighbor is cross platform in 2022. It was redesigned for various platforms including Switch and PlayStation. To know which platforms support Secret Neighbor, you should read till the end. Also, you’ll know about how to invite friends on PS4 to play it.

How to Play Secret Neighbor Cross Platform in 2022?

Secret Neighbor Cross Platform – How to Invite Friends in Secret Neighbor on PS4?

Inviting a friend in Secret Neighbor is very easy. Just follow these steps.

  • Run your game and open the Friends Tab.
  • You’ll see a list of friends in A-Z order.
  • Choose the teammate you want to play with.
  • Click Invite to send an invitation.

If there’s someone who is not on your friend’s list but still wants to play with him, you require his neighbor key. To get it, click the Neighbours button and enter the key of that player. Now send an invite.

Once the player accepts the invitation, you’ll be able to see and invite him from the friend list.


Is Secret Neighbor Cross Platform?

As said, yes, the secret neighbor supports cross platform. It means you can multiplayer this game with your friends playing on any device. It has been perfectly optimized by the developers to give players a solid gaming experience.

Is Secret Neighbor cross platform PS4 and PC and Switch?

It was cross platform for Xbox and PC but recently the game was made cross platform for PS4, PC, and Switch.

Is Secret Neighbor Cross Platform PS4 and Xbox?

Secret Neighbor is cross platform for PS4 and Xbox. If you have a PS4 and your friend has the Xbox, you are still able to do multiplayer in Secret Neighbor. In short, both PlayStation and Xbox players can join and enjoy playing together.


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