Amazing Dice Game History: From Gods’ Will Prediction to Gambling Online

Gambling has come a long way. From unorganised local gambling to brick-and-mortar gambling and the rise of online casinos and especially no deposit casino, the industry has evolved and attracted more and more gaming enthusiasts. The intriguing best online pokies, card games, live table games, dice games, lottery and sports betting continue to offer gamblers an exhilarating experience on the online gambling platforms today.

Most of these games are designed with a renewed look and are available in different versions. Accessible at top-rated online casinos, gaming enthusiasts can enjoy immersive sessions at their favourite online sites. If you have an eye for dice games, this article has you covered.

Amazing Dice Game History: The Advent and Rise of Dice Games

Gambling was earlier based on chance games and gradually progressed into skill-based games. Even today, chance-based games such as dice games continue exciting players from all over the world. One of the classic embodiments of random outcome games- dice games depend on fate or probability.

Dice is known to have arrived in the Netherlands with the Romans in the early centuries post Chris’s death. The dice used in those days were different from modern dice as they weren’t shaped into perfect cubes. Instead, they were relatively flat and slightly elongated. The shape lacked symmetry, and it was this shape that made the cube likelier to fall on some faces than on others.

The game of dice resonated with people’s thought processes in those times. More than rational or scientific thinking, people banked on their belief systems and god’s will prediction. Mostly they fell prey to confirmation bias traps. Ignoring facts and relying on beliefs manifested as irrationality and incorrect assumptions about probability.

It came in handy to many who could successfully make profits with their basic understanding of probability, finding themselves with a decent grasp of combining odds to optimise winning opportunities.

Later, when mathematicians brought clarity to gambling and chance-based games, the theory of probability appeared in the study of mathematics. The study of probability had to define the concept with sensible principles to counter what people earlier thought were merely chance-based events. Learn also more about Slingo, how to play Slingos and how to win money.

Dice as a Gambling Instrument

Some believe the dice originated in the Indus Valley, a seat of the earliest civilisations on Earth. In ancient Iran’s Shahr-e Sūkhté, a site known to be inhabited from 3200 BC to 2800 BC, archaeologists traced the six-sided dice from its ruins. Also, research indicates that people used dice to play a game similar to backgammon in 2500 BC.

The Egyptian Connect

Although the exact design of the dice is unknown, it is estimated that between 2800 BC and 2500 BC, Egyptians were also known to use dice to play the game of senet, revealing the presence of gambling even in those days. However, instead of money, they bartered rice grains to gamble.

Welcoming Symmetry

While the Romans played asymmetrical dice, it was in the middle of the 15th Century that dice games harboured normalcy, with the cubes also featuring a symmetrical shape. As opposed to relying blindly on destiny and God’s will, there was a visible shift in perception of probability as people were now resorting to playing with symmetrical cubes. By 1450, the dice had been standardised.

The Arrangement: Faces of Dice Before 1600

Most dice were created as follows:

  • 1 opposite number 2
  • 3 opposite number 4
  • 5 opposite number 6

Now, this arrangement is referred to as primes because the total of 3 (2+1), 7 (3+4) and 11 (5+6) are all prime. It was only around 1600 that people stopped favouring primes and developed a new configuration as follows:

  • 1 opposite 6
  • 2 opposite 5
  • 3 opposite 4

This configuration came to be known as 7s, as all the opposites would add up to 7.

Some schools of thought point out that the dice became standardised as gamblers adopted a more rational approach than relying on sheer luck. Check also 10 of the best Las Vegas casino secrets to discover more interesting facts about gambling.

The Modern Approach to Dice Games

Based on the probability theory today, dice games today accessible at online casinos are no longer ‘dicey’. Instead, they can be approached with strategies that enhance the odds of winning. One of the easiest games to try, there are many dice games that even newbies at gambling can try a hand at.

Some popular dice games accessible at top-rated online casinos include:

  • Crap
  • Sic Bo
  • Chuck-a-luck
  • Klondike
  • Banka Francesca
  • Hazard

Online Dice Games

Like most online casino games where you can place real money bets, dice games also allow players to stake actual money and win cash rewards. All you need is to find a trustworthy, legit site to gamble responsibly. You can check out detailed strategies and tips on optimising your winnings on the choicest of dice games.

The number of outcomes in your online games can occur from rolling the dice, making them a popular choice at online casinos. Every dice roll has 36 possible outcomes stemming from 6×6 patterned standardised cubes.

To create these outcomes, software providers increase the number of dice used in a game that can be rolled in grids and boards to increase the excitement of playing online. Online dice games are vivid sports designs. The grids can line up columns of dice up to three rows high to match symbols across a payline.

Most online dice games feature 3×3 grids and a pay-table positioned above the grids. All you need is to press the roll button and watch the dice roll to determine a win or loss. Your wins are displayed using points that correlate to your bet amount and convert into credits upon completion of each round.

Most reputable online casinos allow players to try their hands on various dice games for free. If you are new to these games, you can consider playing trial games before placing real money bets on them. While several top-rated sites offer popular dice games, you can log into a casino that provides a variety of dice games. Don’t forget to check out the bonuses and promos on your list of favourite dice games to make the most of gambling online.

Fascinating as they are, these games are designed with random number generators to give random outcomes ensuring fair play. With a single roll of the dice, you can turn God’s will to your side. Yes, the odds may not always be in your favour as it is a game of chance, but you can always use the other game tricks to improve your odds of winning.

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