Apps Like Zip Quadpay – A Great Help For You

Online payment is the need of the hour and if you could make the payment in installments, what could be better? Zip Quadpay is a “Buy now, pay later” financial system with which you may make a purchase and divide your payment into four equal installments. These installments, unlike others, are interest-free.  Although there are some drawbacks, the service might help you pay for significant items.

You just need to select Zip as your payment method and enter the entire amount to be paid. This would approve you for the further process and you can complete your transaction. However, for payment purposes, the users must link a card to their account. We searched for some other apps like Zip Quadpay and selected some great apps for you to carry out your transactions.

Following are some apps like Zip Quadpay that you must try

  1. Afterpay
  2. Klarna
  3. Sezzle
  4. Affirm
  5. PayPal Credit
  6. ViaBill
  7. Splitit

Know more about these payment apps and make continuous purchases. Don’t worry about the payment of the products as you can pay through online installments. 

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7 best apps like Zip Quadpay 

  1. Afterpay
apps like Zip Quadpay- Afterpay

Afterpay is a trusted platform for buy now pay later payment methods with millions of users. Using the app, you can purchase the items you desire with a 25% down payment. Additionally, you won’t be overwhelmed with excessive prices and extra costs.

Select Afterpay as your primary payment method and buy what you like without worrying about the purchase. Whether it is online shopping or in-store, make the first of your four payment installments and pay the rest later. Enjoy shopping with the immediate alternative to apps like Zip Quadpay

  1. Klarna
apps like Zip Quadpay- Klarna

Shop in popular stores and pay in four intervals with no interest. Klara offers you a variety of deals and discounts on your favorite products and improves your shopping experience. The app even makes your delivery easier with continuous updates on the delivery time and points. Keep track of your product’s movements.

And even if you desire to return a delivered product, your payment will be halted in the meantime. This platform also rewards you for your shopping. Yes, the user must join a rewards club and they will be rewarded for shopping through this payment method. 

  1. Sezzle
apps like Zip Quadpay- Sezzle

The only interest you need to pay is on the brands and the deals. Similar to apps like Zip Quadplay, Sezzle allows you to shop in numerous famous stores and pay in four installments. You can create a new “Favorite” category and select the stores and brands you love for ease in your further shopping.

Sezzle also offers fantastic deals for users to buy their loved products at great prices. So buy what your heart wants, split the payment into four installments, and pay in over six weeks. 

  1. Affirm
apps like Zip Quadpay- Affirm

Affirm is one of the leading platforms with a buy now pay later option to offer to the users. It lets you select your own payment option which means you can split your purchase into one of the various installments offered. Initiate with a down payment and pay the rest three in specified installments.   

Your financial situation and history are taken into account to approve you for further payments or to set your credit limit. The interest rate also depends on your credit so we cannot say it’s completely interest-free. The platform has some great stores and brands to offer from so enjoy your shopping time and buy what you want. 

  1. PayPal Credit
apps like Zip Quadpay- PayPal Credit

If you spend $99 or more, you might be entitled to free credit lasting up to 6 months, allowing you additional time to pay for your purchase. But you must pay off your account in full within six months to avoid incurring interest charges.

So, apply to get a PayPal credit line and choose PayPal credit as your payment while shopping next time and you are done. PayPal has partnered with some fancy brands you will like to shop from. 

  1. ViaBill
apps like Zip Quadpay- ViaBill

A payment option that stands out from the others, your credit score does not decide your approval of ViaBill’s services. You can make interest-free, late payments for your purchases with ViaBill. This lets you buy a product at a price suitable for you.   

You can receive and use your delivered product with the first payment and pay the rest later. The Dashboard in ViaBill makes it simple to monitor the purchase instead of many uncomplicated methods. This platform provides you with a secure payment method so that you just enjoy shopping. 

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  1. Splitit
apps like Zip Quadpay- Splitit

With Splitit, users can shop more ethically and can use their current, existing credit card to pay. There are no additional debts or interests and your transaction is safe. 

Splitit is similar to apps like Zip Quadpay where you buy first and pay later in installments but there is a distinguishing factor too. 

While using your own card for payment, you can also set the number of payments on your terms. You just need to select Splitit for payment, choose the number of payments, provide your credit card details, and have a fun shopping session. 

Wrap Up

Worried about cash in hand while shopping for your favorite product? Don’t worry much about that, we have selected some great payment platforms you can choose for the buy now pay later method for safe, secure, and no interest in most of them. Check out these payment methods and choose which one is more convenient for you.

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