Which One Is Better PS5 Or Xbox Series X: Choose Your Ideal Console

Here is an important debate for gamers that needs the most suitable conclusion: Which one is better PS5 or Xbox Series X? Have you found out the answer or shall we help you out with this? It is important to carefully compare the significant differences between these two consoles before deciding which one is preferable over the other.

Among PS5 and Xbox Series X, we will definitely suggest you get an Xbox Series X console for yourself because it comes with better hardware, both its design and performance are better, plus, you will be getting expanded backward compatibility of games. But, there is still a lot you might need to know, so just keep reading and find out everything else. 

Both PlayStation and Xbox have entered the competition of developing amazing next-gen gaming consoles making it tough for us to decide on which one is better for us to purchase. In such instances, all you can do is make the right comparison by looking into the pros and cons of both the products carefully and then come down to a satisfactory decision.

We know it is not that easy to compare and choose, that’s why we are here to make your task easier so you can quickly finalize whether you would like to get yourself a PS5 console or Xbox Series X. 

PS5 VS Xbox Series X: Everything You Need To Know

PS5Xbox Series X
Price$499, Digital Edition – $399$499
RAM16GB GDDR6 RAM (256-bit)16 GB GDDR6 RAM
Memory Bandwidth448 GB/s10GB at 560GB/s. 6GB at 335 GB/s
Optical Drive4k UHD Blu-Ray Drive (Digital Edition Excluded)4k UHD Blu-Ray Drive
CPU8x Zen 2 Crores at 3.5 GHz8x Zen 2 Crores at 3.8GHz
StorageCustom 825 GB SSD Storage Drive1 TB NVMe SSD Storage Drive
External StorageNVMe SSD Slot, USB HDD SupportSeagate Proprietary External 1TB SSD Expansion Card, USB 3.2 HDD Support
Backwards CompatibilityPS 4 Games, PSVRXbox 360, Xbox One, Accessories
Subscription ServicePlayStation PlusXbox Live
Streaming Game ServiceRemote Play (TBA)Project xCloud
Data Transfer Speed5.5 GB/s (Raw), 8-9 GB/s (Compressed)2.4 GB/s (Raw), 4.8 GB/s (Compressed)
Video Output4k, 120Hz refresh rate, 8k supportNative 4k, 8k support, up to 120Hz

Here are some features and information that you need to know in detail for further clarification about PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

1. Controller Features

Let’s check out the features that you get with the controllers each in the case of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

In the case of a PlayStation 5, the supported controller is PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller. Here are the features that it comes with:

1. Adaptive Triggers

2. Haptic Feedback

3. Built-in microphone array

As for Xbox Series X, both the Xbox Series X Wireless Controller and Xbox One controller are compatible with it, and here are the features you will get in your controller:

1. Hybrid D-pad

2. Haptic feedback

3. Dynamic latency input

4. Bluetooth low energy pairing 

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2. Console Design

If looks also matter to you then this is an important aspect while choosing your ideal gaming console. In case you are not aware, the size of the PS5’s system is comparatively larger, and it’s vertical to horizontal configuration is also hard. The design is quite asymmetrical and doesn’t look that classy. 

On the other side, the Xbox Series X console, despite being bulky, is better for space management. It doesn’t look oversized and this black box is sleek and stylish. 

3. Backward Compatibility

If we talk about the backward compatibility of both these consoles, the Xbox Series X wins over the other. How? See, many of the Xbox 360 as well as original Xbox games show compatibility with Xbox Series X. However, in the case of PS5, the backward compatibility goes only up to PS4 games.  

4. Performance

In the case of the SSD, we must tell you that the PS5 has the faster one, while the Xbox Series X has more overall power for games. Also, you won’t find any true exclusives on Xbox Series X as are available in PS5. Moreover, the overall loading time of PlayStation 5 is comparatively less than Xbox Series X. 

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Which One Is Better PS5 Or Xbox Series X?

Since you have to invest equally for both these consoles, it is better if you go for Xbox Series X because it has an edge over the other. Xbox Series X, as explained, has a better design as well its hardware is more powerful. The game subscription service of Xbox Series X is also more comprehensive and its controller is quite impressive. 

However, the PS5 comes with a full-featured digital console whose controller is also more inventive with a faster SSD. And, above all, there is a great selection of games exclusively available on PS5.

Having gone through both the consoles, most of the things between the two are quite common but if you carefully look into all the features and specifications, we also think that you will prefer to purchase the Xbox Series X. 

Wrap Up

That was all for now about which one is better PS5 or Xbox Series X. There can be only one reason that you would make up your mind to get a PS5 instead of an Xbox Series X console, which is the USB C port which you only get with a PS5. And, since you know that most of the new accessories have a USB-C adapter, you might choose it. But, we again suggest you carefully make this crucial decision as you won’t be getting another new gaming console very soon in case you made the wrong choice.

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