Powerful AUG Loadout 2022 | Call of Duty: Warzone

Most players in COD need a gun that has accurate aiming and a good bullet speed. At the start of Call of Duty: The Warzone Season 2, the AUG has been upgraded and brought up to be equivalent to the M-16. 

The AUG is a gun with a faster bullet spread speed. But if you equip this gun with some good attachments, it can become more deadly by providing a lot of damage and more bullet velocities. Also, it can be used in COD Warzone to win long-range fights with minimal shot leads.

As already said, during season 2, the AUG has been upgraded and it has become a beast in a specific range. But due to the high damage and recoil of this gun, it can be easily compared and replaced with other AR guns including FFAR. 

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Deadly Cold War AUG Warzone Loadout 2022

The below-listed attachments are the most powerful COD Loadout so far for AUG. But before we dive into the attachments, you should choose your secondary weapon. You can either use an AR or SMG. Well everyone has their own choice but still, we recommend you to use LC-10 as a secondary weapon with AUG in Warzone.

Best Attachments for AUG 2022

Muzzle – Agency Silencer

For suppressors, most use Monolithic suppressors for increasing damage range but for Cold War Aug Warzone Loadout, you should equip an Agency silencer. It not only provides sound suppression but also has improved vertical recoil control. With improved bullet speed and sufficient damage range, an Agency silencer is the best attachment you should use.

Optic – Axial Arms 3X

Axial Arms 3X becomes the perfect attachment with all other AUG attachments. With this particular optic, it becomes easier to use the weapon in both long-range as well as in short-range. Axial Arms 3x has complete control of the long-range shootouts. If any enemy reaches too close, make sure to get prepared to switch to a secondary weapon with a pinch.

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Barrel – 18.2 “Strike Team 

This barrel attachment makes AUG speed better by giving it a faster fire rate and bullet speed with an effective damage range. To improve AUG accuracy, an Underbarrel comes into place.

Underbarrel – Field Agent Grip

Field agent grip is a good Underbarrel attachment and it provides both horizontal and vertical all-round recoil control. It also has some aiming down-sight (ADS) speed. Also, all this improves long-range shots.

Ammo – 45 Round Drum

Finally, the last attachment for AUG is 45 Round Drum ammo. It helps increase the number of ammo and decreases the reload speed of the gun so that you can easily hit your target.

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As everyone has their own taste, we can’t force you to use this AUG Loadout. But it is damn sure that most professional gamers who use AUG, use this setup. It is by far the best AUG Warzone Loadout to date.

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