Bizon Warzone Loadout | Best PP-19 Bizon Warzone Attachments

Bizon is truly amazing in close-range combat. This is the reason why it is becoming a favorite SMG for Warzone players. But most gamers are using this weapon without using any attachments. Due to this, they are lacking the true power of Bizon in their gameplay.

The PP-19 Bizon is a submachine gun in COD. It is a fully automatic SMG that comes with a 64 Rnd magazine capacity. The original one was designed by a Russian company. The developers of COD had to introduce Bizon in COD 4 but due to some reasons, it was cut during development. Now, it is available for Warzone also.

Bizon is packed with many features. Still, if we find some good attachments like a muzzle, stock, laser, mag, etc, and add to it, the Bizon can make a positive change in gameplay. That’s why we have made this guide for you where you can find the Bizon loadout, perfect for competitive.

Best Bizon Warzone Loadout

To convert the basic Bizon into a beast, you need to follow the attachment setup mentioned below. Although you can use your own loadout, it is still recommended to follow this loadout if you want to win more close-range fights.

PP-19 Bizon Warzone Attachments

MuzzleMonolithic Suppressor
Barrel8.7″ Polygonal
Rear GripStippled Grip Tape
StockNo Stock
Laser5mW Laser
Magazine84 Rnd Helical Mag

The Monolithic Suppressor will give you sound suppression. Along with it, it provides a damage range which is mainly required. The 8.7″ Polygonal barrel also increases the damage range and bullet velocity. To maintain mobility, the Stippled Grip Tape comes into place. Similarly, with 5mW, you can easily do hip fire.

As we know Bizon comes with a 64 round magazine, which is good. But it’s not enough, especially if you are playing in rebirth. So, you may require an 84 Rnd Helical Mag. 


This is the best Bizon Warzone Loadout we have seen so far. You can also see a video by hydro about the rebirth Bizon loadout. He has clearly mentioned the attachments we’ve covered. Once you see the gameplay, you are definitely going to try this loadout for sure.

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