Best Zombie Games Xbox One 2022

Is there any great category in survival horror games that don’t involve zombies? Of course, not! Zombie games have recently become quite popular in the last few years and its craze among gamers is still at its peak. At this time, there are some of the best Zombie Games Xbox One provides its users. 

Zombie games fall under the survival horror genre where you probably are the savior of everyone and have to fight off the deadly zombies to protect your city. From children to adults, everyone is fond of zombies.

The best Zombie games on Xbox One include:

1. State Of Decay

2. 7 Days To Die

3. Zombie Army Trilogy

4. The Evil Within

5. Dead Island

7. Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies

You can read further if you want a brief description of each of these interesting and best zombie games Xbox One provides. 

7 Best Zombie Games Xbox One

Here are the best zombie games on Xbox One, read a little about them to find out which one you would want to play first. 

1. State Of Decay

Best Zombie Games Xbox One - State of Decay

Developed by Undead Labs, this survival horror game is full of action and adventure. The best thing is that this game mainly focuses on bringing out the leadership skills of the players as to how they sort out the problems they face, which include management of survival resources so they last longer, group morale and trust, killing the horde of zombies, saving lives and base defenses. 

With the third-person combat system in the game, the players will be leading a group of survivors and have to perform the tasks while following the storyline and helping the community survive. 

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2. 7 Days To Die

Best Zombie Games Xbox One - 7 days to die

This is one of the best Open World Zombie Games Xbox One has for you. The storyline of the game is that of the aftermath of the Third World War which destructed a great part of the world and as a survivor of this nuclear war, you have to survive by getting food, water, and shelter for yourself and at the same time preventing the mutant that occurred as a result of the nuclear fallout. 

You can either survive through the game alone or play alongside your friends to find or build shelter and weapons to protect yourself. 

3. Zombie Army Trilogy

Best Zombie Games Xbox One - Zombie Army Trilogy

Zombie Army Trilogy is another third-person shooter game in the survival horror genre where you will require to tackle the zombies from afar using your sniper rifle. 

The plot of the story is developed in the time of Adolf Hitler who ordered the execution of Plan Z in which the fallen soldiers of Wehrmacht were resurrected as zombies who have been released and now you have to protect human lives from this whole army of zombies. 

The thing that makes this game different is that you can also become a zombie yourself and play as a part of the zombie army instead of fighting against those zombies. Isn’t this something really interesting? 

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4. The Evil Within

Best Zombie Games Xbox One - The Evil Within

This is another best zombie game on Xbox One that you will find. You play the game from the perspective of a third person and the story of the game is single-player, arranged in several chapters where you have to arrange supplies needed for your survival, and decide whether to fight or run to ensure your survival. 

As you will enter this world of zombies, you will encounter the worst ever fears you have. The game provides you with a real-life experience letting you truly experience the fear. 

5. Dead Island

Best Zombie Games Xbox One - Dead Island

How about realizing the island you thought would be fun and exciting is actually filled with zombies? This is what the game Dead Island is all about. This open-world zombie game is played from the first-person perspective. 

The game has action roleplay where you have to complete the tasks and kill enemies to earn XP. This is also one of the best zombie survival games Xbox One has. 

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6. Dying Light: The Following

Best Zombie Games Xbox One - Dying light: The following

The zombies here are at their strongest at night, while weak and fragile during the day, just like the original game of the Dying Light series. You, as a player, will need to move between places through parkour movements like jumping, sliding, leaping, zip-lining, or climbing ledges, so that you can kill the zombies. 

There are a lot of new weapons that you will get to use in the game, and also you can choose the bounty mode where the missions are split into three categories. 

7. Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies

Best Zombie Games Xbox One - COD Infinite Warzone Zombies

You must already have played Call of Duty, so you know the level that this game brings with it. Now, it is time to play this game with zombies involved where up to four players can compete against zombies to survive till the end. 

You will require to kill the zombies and earn Cash from it which can be later used for purchasing Candy Perks and weapons. 

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Wrap Up

These were all some of the best and new zombie games for Xbox One that you should give a try if you truly are a fan of zombie games. Share this with your friends so they can also enjoy the thrilling experience that comes along with these games.

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