Blox Fruit Island Level Requirements

There are so many locations on the map of Blox Fruit island, however, you might not be having access to each of them. What is the reason? It must be happening probably because you are not fulfilling the Blox Fruit Island level requirements that are specific for certain locations. We know that you want this information, and that’s why we are here with the same. 

Blox Fruits starts with the players sailing in a ship through which they visit several islands to explore and hunt. You might have seen a variety of regions in the in-game map where you can go and get new Blox Fruits, but it’s not that simple, there is a fixed criterion that permits you to go to a place in the game. 

As per the Blox Fruit Island Level requirements, you have to exceed level 15 to enter the Jungle of the First Sea, exceed level 30 to enter the Pirate Village, 90 to get to the Desert, and 100 to enter the Frozen village. As you go for the better locations, the requirements gradually increase, a long list of which is waiting for you below, so keep reading. 

If you want the full-fledged detail of the level requirement of each and every location on the map of Blox Fruits, then you will find it all here. 

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Blox Fruit Island Level Requirements

In Blox Fruits, you cannot enter any sea and any location whenever you wish to, there are certain levels in the game that you need to reach before you can enter a place on the game map.

The map of Blox Fruits has been divided into three major locations: The First Sea, The Second Sea, and The Third Sea, and under these, there is a variety of different kinds of locations where you will find different kinds of new as well as better Blox Fruits. 

Let us check out the level requirements of all the locations from the First Sea to the Third Sea in Blox Fruits so that you can easily know which one you can have access to quickly. 

Blox Fruits: The First Sea

Only two locations, the starter Pirate Island and the Starter Marine Island are the ones that are accessible right from the beginning of the game at level 0. Until level 15, you can only explore these two locations. 

Here is a list of all the other locations along with the level requirement on the map of the First Sea in Blox Fruits.

1. Level 15-30: Jungle

2. Level 30-60: Pirate Village

3. Level 60-90: Desert

4. Level 100: Middle Island

5. Level 90-120: Frozen Village

6. Level 120-150: Marine Forests

7. Level 150-200: Skylands

8. Level 190-275: Prison

9. Level 225-300: Colosseum

10. Level 300: Magma Village

11. Level 375-450: Underwater City

12. Level 625-700: Fountain City

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Blox Fruits: The Second Sea

Let us now move to the second sea which you can access only after you have reached level 700 in the game, here is a list of all the locations along with their level requirements. 

1. Level 700-850: Kingdom Of Rose

2. Level 700: Usoap’s Island

3. Level 1000: Mansion

4. Level 875-925: Green Zone

5. Level 950-975: Graveyard

6. Level 1000-1050: Snow Mountain

7. Level 1100-1200: Hot and Cold

8. Level 1000-1325: Cursed Ship

9. Level 1350-1400: Ice Castle

10. Level 1425-1475: Forgotten Island

11. Level 1000: Dark Arena

12. Safe Zone: The Cafe

Blox Fruits: The Third Sea

Finally, you will be able to enter the third sea in the game once you have reached level 1500 in Blox Fruits, let us also see the locations on this island where you can go along with their requirements of levels. 

1. Level 1500-1575: Port Town

2. Level 1575-1675: Hydra Island

3. Level 1700-1750: Great Tree

4. Level 1775-2000: Floating Turtle

5. Safe Zone: Castle On The Sea

6. Level 1975–2075: Haunted Castle

7. Level 2075-2275: Sea Of Treats

Wrap Up

Now you know which level you need to reach to enter which place in the Blox Fruits islands. So, what is the wait for, show your skills and advance further in the game to unlock all the places available for you. If there is any other information that you are looking for in the game, you may ask us in the comments section below. 

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