Bren Warzone Loadout | How to Unlock? | Best Attachments

Among all the Vanguard light machine guns, there’s still one with the fastest killing time. It’s “Bren”. Bren has many advantages but getting a hold on it might be much harder. So, everyone should use a bren warzone loadout which can help them easily control the gun.

The original Bren was used by British and Federal forces in World War II. At that time, it was one of the most famous weapons for forces. But in gaming, it was featured in Call of Duty. Bren’s recoil is not easy to control. But still, you can deliver excellent fire with stability when you use it while prone.

To make a perfect fit warzone loadout for Bren, you first need to choose the right attachments which include muzzle, optics, stock, barrel, under-barrel, and more. To know more about these attachments, go through the complete tutorial.

Deadly Bren Warzone Loadout

How To Unlock Bren in Warzone?

Bren can take a long time to unlock as it needs a player level 53 of battle pass. But there’s no hesitation in saying that unlocking Bren will definitely be worth it. It’s still one of the best warzone guns right now.

Warzone Attachments for Bren

MuzzleMercury Silencer
BarrelQueen’s 775m Sceptre
Underbarrelm1941 Hand Stop
StockHockenson SP2B
OpticsSVT-40PU Scope 3-6x
Magazine50 BMG50 Round Mug

If we talk about our first attachment, the mercury silencer helps in sound suppression and recoil control. The barrel maintains your aiming stability. For a better view and visibility, the SVT-40PU Scope 3-6x is a good choice. Similarly, all the other attachments will make sure that your Bren performs better in the warzone in terms of providing damage, accuracy, mobility, and control.


These are the attachments you can use for your bren in a warzone. Also, make sure to add a secondary weapon with this gun. We recommend you to go with any SMG gun like MP40 for close range. 

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