Is Cindy Crawford Related to Joan Crawford

Cindy Crawford and Joan Crawford were both phenomenal actresses and iconic figures in Hollywood. But is there any connection between the two?

Cindy Crawford is a very famous and renowned model of her time. She was born in 1966 and started her career as a model in 1980. She became a famous actress and appeared in many movies and TV shows. In 2000, she retired from modeling and still remains a public figure.

Cindy Crawford is not related to Joan Crawford, and there is no family connection as well. Let us unveil the reasons why people believe that Cindy Crawford is related to Joan Crawford.

Who Was Joan Crawford?

Joan Crawford was a dancer, and actress from Texas, United States. She began her career as a dancer and then she became the highest-paid actress in Hollywood as well. She received the award for the best actress in 1945 for the movie Mildred Pierce.

Unfortunately, Joan died on May 10, 1977, due to a heart attack, when she was at her apartment in New York City. She died at the age of 69. She was ill and weak before her death. She was involved in charities all her life and bequeathed money for charity in her will.

Why Joan Crawford Adopted Twin Sisters?

Joan Crawford has married four times in her life. Her first three marriages resulted in divorce. Her last husband, Alfred Steele, was the president of the Coca-Cola company. Steele also died because of a heart attack on April 19, 1959.

Joan was unable to get pregnant, so she adopted five children. One of their adopted sons, Christopher, was soon reclaimed by his biological mother. She had four adopted children in total. The elder daughter was named Christiana, the only son Christopher, and the twin sisters were named Cindy and Cathy.

Is Cindy Crawford Related To Joan Crawford?

Joan Crawford had a daughter named Cindy, but she died in 2007. But the actress Cindy Crawford that we know is not the same. So Cindy Crawford is not related to Joan Crawford in any way. They don’t even have similar family backgrounds. Just because of the similar name, many people assume that she is one of the twin daughters of Joan Crawford. 

But this is not the truth, as Joan’s daughter, Cindy, is already dead. On the other hand, the American actress and model, Cindy Crawford is still alive. She was on the cover page of Vogue. But she left her modeling career in 2000, and currently, she is involved in many businesses. People often get confused just because of the similar name.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Did Joan Crawford Die? 

The cause of the death of Joan Crawford was a heart attack. She died in 1977 at her apartment in New York City.

Who Are Cindy Crawford’s parents?

Cindy Crawford’s parents are John Crawford and Jennifer Sue Crawford.


It is now very clear that the actress Cindy Crawford is not related to Joan Crawford. They both belong to different generations and even there is no family relationship between the two. Joan’s adopted daughter Cindy had already died long ago. 

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