Destiny 2 Do You Have To Wear Solstice Armor

If you are aware of the Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes event 2022, then you must also know about the importance of Candescent armor. Well,  in Destiny 2 do you have to wear Solstice Armor all the time during the Solstice event? This is what we shall be discussing here today. 

Destiny 2 Do you have to wear Solstice Armor? – Yes, to participate in the 2022 Solstice of Heroes event in Destiny 2, it is mandatory to wear the Solstice armor, that is the candescent armor in the game. There would now be certain questions in your mind, like, what is the importance of this armor in the game and how to get it, and we will answer all of them for you. 

Started on July 19, the Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2022 event is the first ever event that has implemented the event card system in the game. The event shall last for four weeks from its launch, that is, on August 9. So, there is not enough time for this event and it is important that you are aware of the Solstice armor in the game. 

Let us find out if you ought to wear the Candescent armor in Destiny 2 and why, so, you do not find any trouble while taking part in the Solstice of Heroes event. 

Destiny 2 Do You Have To Wear Solstice Armor?

As per what we have researched, it has been found out that you MUST be wearing the Candescent armor if you really want to take part in the Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2022 event. 

If you are not wearing one, you cannot participate in the event, plus, you will also not be able to collect silver leaves as rewards no matter how many activities you complete in the game. 

Thus, if you don’t want to face these issues, make sure that you are wearing the solstice armor in the game. Now, you must be thinking how to get this solstice armor in the game. Don’t freak out, we are going to let you through this as well. 

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How To Get Legendary Solstice Armor Destiny 2?

So, how to get the Solstice armor in Destiny 2? This is simple, you will have to go to the Tower Courtyard and speak with Eva, then she will hand over some quests to you that you will have to complete. 

As you start playing the game, you are provided with the scorched armor set, which is the basic level of armor. This one has to be upgraded to get the Candescent armor in the game. 

In the Candescent armor, there are several components like chest, cloak, arms, head, and legs, each of which can be obtained through different missions. Here is how you can obtain each of them. 

1. Cloak

To obtain the Cloak, you have to complete the Payback Redux mission, get 30 kills in the Crucible match with your Super, plus you will have to complete 10 patrols as well. 

2. Chest

To get the Chest, you have to complete the Chosen Redux Mission. Apart from this, you have to complete 10 public events (Heroic) and have 90 arc orbs in the Vanguard strikes. 

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3. Arms

To get the arms, you ought to accomplish the Homecoming Redux mission, and do a meditation with Ikora. Plus, you also have to get 150 arc orbs. 

4. Head

To get the head armor, complete the Spark Redux mission, attain 10 kills in the Crucible match, and get 90 solar orbs in the EDZ. 

5. Legs

To get the Legs armor, complete the 1AU Redux mission, get 150 void orbs and also defeat a minimum of fifty mini-bosses. 

Once you have these armor, you can also upgrade each of them through several other missions as you progress further in the game. 

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Wrap Up

We hope that you have found out in Destiny 2 do you have to wear Solstice armor or not. This was all you needed to know about this Candescent armor and how to get it in the game. You can share this with your friends too so they can also take part in the Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2022 event by wearing the mandatory armor.

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