5 Easy-to-Make DIY Christmas Gifts for your Partner

Christmas is a time of joy! From the hot cocoa to the snow to the loved ones gathering around – and of course, the presents – there’s little else that matches the holiday spirit like Christmas. 

In fact, you can see Christmas decorations and gift ideas in stores as early as September in some places! And while the retail world makes sure to maximize its Christmas offerings, there’s no time like the holidays to show your partner some extra care and affection by making them a DIY Christmas gift. 

Not only will their appreciation be unbounded, but it’ll also remove the financial pressure from you of having to splurge to find them that perfect holiday present. And if you’re thinking that DIY gifts aren’t up to the mark, then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve curated the best DIY Christmas ideas for your partner!

Here are 5 DIY Christmas gift ideas to give to your partner:

Best DIY Christmas Gifts for your Partner

5 Easy-to-Make DIY Christmas Gifts for your Partner

Sweet Treats

There’s no better way to show your love than with some sugar, and Christmas is the perfect excuse to give your partner some of their favorite sweet treats. Start by getting either a wooden crate or cane basket and decorate it with ribbons, paint, and other embellishments in your partner’s favorite color. 

Once your basket or crate is ready – take care not to overdo it – then you can think about the contents. While what you include will depend on your partner’s sweet preferences, some ideas to get you started are homemade cookies, cake pops, brownies, their favorite chocolate bars, candies, peanut brittle, jams, and of course, the Christmas staples – candy canes and gingerbread men! 

Arrange your choosings in your basket, and include a sweet handmade card to really seal the deal – your partner won’t be able to resist the delight! 

A Photo Collage

Whether you – or your partner – are suckers for the camera or not, there’s no doubt that the memories held in a picture are some of the most heartwarming. And what better time than Christmas to take your partner down the magical memory lane of your relationship with a DIY photo collage? 

You can opt for a full album – this might be a good idea for the camera couple – or a single collage that you can get framed. Start by selecting some of your favorite pictures that feature you and your partner.

Once your selection is complete, then you can head onto PosterMyWall to create a personalized photo collage using their wide variety of photo collage templates. Pick a design that your partner is likely to fall in love with, and arrange your best pictures the way you want, all with PosterMyWall’s easy-to-use platform. Once done, you can download, print, and frame!

Coupon Booklet

Everyone loves to be known, and nothing shows how well you know your partner than a handmade coupon booklet filled with all of their favorite things. All you’ll need is some chart or lined paper, some pens and felt tips and any other decorative material that you want to add such as glitter or ribbons. 

Get to cutting and make a booklet, tying it together with some ribbon or twine. Once your booklet takes shape you can get crafty and fill it with fun dates or treats for your partner. Some creative ideas to include could be a shopping spree, a movie night, a homemade meal, a weekend away, or a free get-out-of-chores card. 

Not only will this DIY gift make your partner feel appreciated for all they do, but it’s also a gift that will keep on giving. 

DIY Bracelet

If your partner is a jewelry person, then a DIY bracelet – or necklace – is a great idea for a Christmas gift. Pick out beads that resemble your partner’s favorite color and get some string or soft plastic. Carefully slide your beads on the string and tie them up once it reaches your desired length. 

Not only will your partner have a stunning new piece to add to their jewelry collection, but knowing that you’ve made it for them yourself will make the piece that much more meaningful. Or if you want to make a fun activity out of DIY jewelry, then you can gather all the material and pack it up in a box. 

Gift it to your partner on Christmas day and make an afternoon out of making your own DIY jewelry for each other. At the end, you’ll have a new piece of jewelry and some new memories!  

Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a Christmas tradition, and you might not have thought so, but not all advent calendars have to be store-bought! If your partner loves Christmas traditions, then you can gift them a homemade advent calendar, filling it up with all of their favorite things. 

Not only will this customized advent calendar hold no bad surprises, but your partner will be overjoyed with the thought and time that you put into it. Some ideas for advent calendar goodies can include chocolate, hot cocoa bombs, makeup, a watch, a notebook, or even a ticket to their favorite show! Be sure to decorate your advent calendar with glitter and Christmas ornaments, and add a handwritten letter for extra measure. 

So, if you’re getting prepped for the Christmas season and are still in search of the perfect gift for your partner, then these DIY gift ideas are the right pick! Happy Christmas! 

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