Elden Ring Cookbook Locations | Easy Ways to Utilize Cookbooks

Find where to get the books in Elden Ring and all of the crafting recipes that each book includes to guide you along your journey.

In this article we have given a detailed guide of Elden Ring Cookbook Locations.

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Here are all the Elden Ring cookbook locations:

  • Cookbook for Armorers (1)– in a camp in the northeastern region of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace in Limgrave
  • The Cookbook of the Armorer (2) – purchase from the Nomadic Merchant in Coastal Cave (Limgrave) for 600 runes
  • Cookbook of the Armorer (3) – purchase from the Nomadic Merchant southeast of Mistwood Ruins in Limgrave for 2500 runes
  • A Cookbook for Armorers (6) – on an actual corpse from Siofra river in the region of underground
  • A Deserter’s Cookbook (1) – purchase from Merchant Kale in Church of Elleh (Limgrave) for 150 ranes
  • The Deserter’s Cookbook (2) – found in a tiny ruined house located in the Dragon Burnt Ruins (Limgrave) which is guarded by rats and dogs
  • Fevor’s Cookbook (1) – on an unidentified corpse that lies in the graveyard over the ruins Kenneth Haight is standing on the top of, located just to the south of Summonwater Village (Limgrave)
  • The Missionary’s Cookbook (1) – purchase from Merchant Kale in Church of Elleh (Limgrave) for 1000 runes
  • Missionary’s Cookbook (3) – Smouldering Church Site of Grace
  • A Missionary’s Cookbook (5) – on an unidentified corpse found within Caelid’s Siofra Aqueduct in Caelid
  • A Cookbook for Nomads (1) – purchase from Merchant Kale in Church of Elleh (Limgrave) for 500 runes
  • A Cookbook for Nomadic Warrior (2) – purchase from Merchant Kale in Church of Elleh (Limgrave) for 500 runes
  • A Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (3) – purchase from the vendor east in Saintsbridge (Limgrave) to purchase 600 Runes
  • Nomadic Cookbook for Warrior (4) – on an unidentified corpse that was found on an abandoned roadside within Mistwood just near to Siofra River Well
  • A Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (5) – purchase from the southeast merchant in Mistwood Ruins (Limgrave) for 1500 runes
  • The Nomadic Warriors Cookbook (6) – loot from the chest located in the room located at the top of the main staircase at the top of Fort Haight
  • A Nomadic Cookbook (7) – on a corpse on the other side of the bridge that has been damaged north of the the Stormveil Castle entrance
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (9) – Tombsward Catacombs in Weeping Peninsula (requires a Stonesword Key)
  • A Cookbook for Nomadic Warrior (11) – purchase from the seller to the south on the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace for 1,500 ranes
  • Nomadic Cookbook for Warriors (13) – purchase from the vendor nouth at the Bellum Church Site of Grace (Liurnia of the Lakes) for 2,000 ranes
  • Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (14) – Smouldering Church Site of Grace
  • Nomadic Cookbook for Warriors (15) – purchase at the east-facing merchant of the Caelid Highway South Site of Grace near the map fragment that contains 4000 runes
  • The Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (20) Purchase at the east-facing merchant at the Ninth Mt. Camping Gelmir Site of Grace close to the map fragment that contains three thousand runes
  • A Nomadic Cookbook (22) – in an unmarked chest in the western region of the Lake of Rot
  • Glintstone The Craftman’s Cookbook (1) – dropped by a nobleman in the cemetery northwest of the Church of Irith (Liurnia of the Lake)
  • Glintstone the Craftman’s Cookbook (5) – inside the chest of a room near the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace (Liurnia of the Lake)
  • Glintstone The Craftman’s Cookbook (6) – in an unassuming room in the located to the south of the gardens in Caria Manor (Liurnia of the Lake)
  • The Frenzied Cookbook (1)– on the body of a dead person inside one of the houses of the Frenzied Flame Village (Liurnia of the Lake)
  • The Cookbook of Perfumers (2) – on a body on the chair that is looking out across the walls at the northern end of The Shaded Castle (Altus Plateau)
  • Old Dragon Cookbook (1) – on the body of a dead man hidden behind rusted bar within the sewers that are close to Wyndham Ruins (Altus Plateau) which can be reached through the raised flooring in the room that has ceiling spikes
  • The Cookbook of the Ancient Dragon Apostle (3) —on an unidentified corpse found in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in the southwest Caelid

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Here are the complete list of Elden Ring recipes from the cookbook:

Cookbook Recipes

Armorer’s Cookbook (1) Fire Grease

Drawstring Fire Grease

Fireproof Dried Liver

Armorer’s Cookbook (2) Firebow Arrow

Firebow Arrow (Fletched)

Firebone Bolt

Neutralising Boluses

Armorer’s Cookbook (3) Exalted Flesh

Armorer’s Cookbook (6) Preserving Boluses

Deserter’s Cookbook (1) Bone Arrow

Bone Arrow (Fletched)

Staunching Boluses

Pickled Turtle Neck

Deserter’s Cookbook (2) Poisonbone Arrow

Poisonbone Arrow (Fletched)

Exalted Flesh

Fevor’s Cookbook (1) Sleep Pot

Missionary’s Cookbook (1) Holy Water Pot


Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot

Missionary’s Cookbook (3) Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot

Missionary’s Cookbook (5) Sacred Order Pot

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (1) Bone Arrow

Bone Arrow (Fletched)

Bone Bolt

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (2) Glowstone

Invigorating Cured Meat

Invigorating White Cured Meat

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (3) Picked turtle neck

Poisonbone Arrow

Poisonbone Arrow (Fletched)

Poisonbone Bolt

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (4) Fetid Pot

Roped Fetid Pot

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (5) Beastlure Pot

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (6) Blood Grease

Drawstring Blood Grease

Bloodbone Arrow

Bloodbone Arrow (Fletched)

Bloodbone Bolt

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (7) Soft Cotton

Stanching Boluses

Rainbow Stone Arrow

Fire Pot

Roped Fire Pot

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (9) Rancor Pot

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (11) Crystal Dart

Spellproof Dried Liver

Shattershard Arrow

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (13) Bone Great Arrow

Bone Great Arrow (Fletched)

Bone Ballista Bolt

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (14) Poison Pot

Roped Poison Pot

Poisonbone Dart

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (15) Rotbone Arrow

Rotbone Arrow (Fletched)

Rotbone Bolt

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (20) Volcano Pot

Roped Volcano Pot

Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (22) Rot Pot

Rot Grease

Drawstring Rot Grease

Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook (1) Cuckoo Glintstone

Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook (5) Magic Grease

Drawstring Magic Grease

Magicbone Arrow

Magicbone Arrow (Fletched)

Magicbone Bolt

Glintstone Craftman’s Cookbook (6) Freezing Pot

Frenzied’s Cookbook (1) Clarifying Boluses

Perfumer’s Cookbook (2) Poison Spraymist

Bloodboil Aromatic

Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook (1) Lightning Grease

Drawstring Lightning Grease

Lightningbone Arrow

Lightningbone Arrow (Fletched)

Lightningbone Bolt

Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook (3) Dragonwound Grease

That’s all the Elden Ring cookbook recipes so to date. There’s plenty to find hidden in dungeons, including Elden Ring Ashes of War and Elden Ring crystal tears, which give your character greater ability to fight and heal potential.

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