ending of 1899 explained

Have you ever watched a mind-bending and confusing movie or web series? Even after watching such series with full concentration, they are quite difficult to understand. One such web series is 1899, which is based on Mind Simulation.

1899 is a Netflix web series that tells us that our mind is deeper than the ocean and bigger than the sky. That means our mind has limitless capabilities. Everything that happens in the 8 episodes is not reality but computer simulation. 

The ending has left a lot of questions in the minds of the viewers. In this article, we will disclose the secrets about the series and what was actually happening in the web series 1899. 

What Happens In 1899 Netflix webseries?

1899 is a mysterious thriller web series on Netflix that aired its first episode on 17 November 2022. The show explores the themes of science fiction, time travel, and the parallel world. The show was created by the creators of Dark, Jantje Friese, and Baran bo Odar. 

Maura received a letter from her brother to meet him in New York but he has gone missing before reaching there. He was one of the passengers of Prometheus ( a missing ship). Captain Eyk received singles from Prometheus and they checked the ship. They found only one boy who was holding a pyramid which she gave to Maura. 

All the passengers on the ship are reminded of their past but that was all fake. This was not reality but a simulation. It was revealed that Daniel is Maura’s husband in real life. Maura and his husband created this simulation. But they both are stuck in the simulation and now the simulation is controlled by Maura’s brother. 

The Ending Of 1899 Explained

The ending of 1899 reveals that every incident and situation that occurred in the series is not reality. Before it was believed that Maura’s father Henry Singleton was the one who created this simulation. But in the end, we get to know that Maura is the mastermind of this simulation and she also gets herself trapped in this. 

When Maura wakes up to reality she finds out that the present year is 2099 and not everyone really died on the ship. She escaped the simulation or she is being played by her brother remains unclear. The mysterious story ends here and there will not be a second season. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Did Maura Craeate The Simulation?

Maura’s son Elliot died due to some serious illness and she created the simulation to keep her son alive forever.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of 1899?

Unfortunately, there will be no season 2 of 1899 as the show got canceled after its first season due to some unexplained reasons.  


1899 is indeed a successful Sci-Fi and thriller show on Netflix like Dark. Each and every episode is mysterious and has twists and turns that will blow the minds of the viewers.

The end of the show leaves questions in the minds because it was expected that there would be another season of the show but unfortunately, it got canceled after the first season. 

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