Addictive Games Like Life Is Strange

The most interesting feature of a game more than its gameplay is the storyline. It is actually the story behind the adventure that drives the game further. Life Is Strange is a series of episodic adventure games that keep you engrossed in it. The players in the games can communicate or interact with objects or other non-playable characters. The choices you make in your communication dialogues can alter the story’s future. 

The characters in these Graphic Adventure games are interesting and so is their backstory. The player must complete the quests through puzzle-solving and many other adventures. The player character, Max, has developed the ability to rewind time which leads to affecting both the past and present and so, the future. 

These episodic games have great graphics and adventure stories and if you are looking for more such games then we have chosen some of the best games available for you to play in this genre which have amazing stories and great adventure. 

Following are some best appealing games like Life Is Strange

  1. Detroit: Become Human
  2. Until Dawn
  3. Night in the Woods
  4. The Last Of Us
  5. The Walking Dead
  6. Heavy Rain
  7. Quantum Break

Read more in detail about these heavy story games and choose the adventure you want to follow with these amazing characters.

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7 amazing games like Life Is Strange 

  1. Detroit: Become Human
Addictive Games Like Life Is Strange- Detroit: Become Human

An adventure video game with great, realistic graphics and an interesting storyline, Detroit: Become Human follows the story of three androids. After obtaining her sentience or ‘new feelings’, Kara, the android, abandons her owner. Kara takes on the responsibility to keep a young girl, Connor safe who must also bring back the sentient androids. The other one is Markus, devoted to freeing these androids. 

Similar to games like Life Is Strange, the choices in your dialogue throughout the course of the game affect the storyline and the end. There are certain situations available where the player can go back and change their decisions if they regret them. However, some choices require fast action. If you feel you can master this game then do give a test. 

Detroit: Become Human is available on Microsoft Windows and PS4

  1. Until Dawn
Addictive Games Like Life Is Strange- Until Dawn

Until Dawn is an interactive game with massive gothic elements in this adventure to keep you terrified for a long time. Blackwood Mountain is now difficult to survive in and has become life-threatening. The player is in control of eight adults who must escape this scary place to be alive. But the life and death of the characters depend on the choices they make. 

The players must explore the surroundings and collect important clues or totems. The Butterfly Effect feature of the game lets the player take some decisions ranging from minor to fate-deciding ones. Some decisions have a time limit and the decisions you make can either let the players live or be killed. So, take up this challenge and try to ensure the survival of all the players. 

Until Dawn is available to explore on PS4.

  1. Night in the Woods 
Addictive Games Like Life Is Strange- Night in the Woods 

This adventure game is story-driven. The player assumes control over Mae Borowski, a college dropout young girl returning to her home. Mae is surprised to witness the changes in her place. The hidden town secrets amaze her but what shocks her the most is the disappearance of her friend, Casey. 

The gameplay includes interaction and conversation with other exploring mechanics including jumping or running. Like all other games like Life Is Strange, Night in the Woods also prefers your choices. The decisions you take affect the story and the character friends you are on this adventure with. 

Make some accurate choices and play Night in the Woods on Microsoft Windows, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Mac OS.

  1. The Last Of Us
Addictive Games Like Life Is Strange-The Last Of Us

Putting some more action in the interactive adventure games, The Last of Us is set in the post-apocalyptic US. The player character is a smuggler, Joel, who must guide Ellie through this stressful environment. The game is full of many action sequence and thus have an amazing range of weapons. 

The player can attack with almost anything, from guns to baseball bats. The player also has the ability to upgrade weapons and other equipment using items collected throughout. The players can use the stealth mode to sneak from the enemies. There are numerous puzzling situations the player must solve to continue the game. 

The Last Of Us is available on PS3 and PS4.

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  1. The Walking Dead
Addictive Games Like Life Is Strange-The Walking Dead

The most popular series in the comics or even the big screen, The Walking Dead satisfies all your Zombie adventure needs. Like many other episodic adventure games, the player has control over various character protagonists in different scenes. 

The player can explore the surrounding environment, collect or inspect the items and much more.

The player also interacts with other non-playable characters and is provided with several options to reply or just be quiet. The choices made by the players are all kept on record and certain determining choices can affect the later events in the episode. Even the perspective of other non-playable characters towards you can be influenced by your choices. 

Enjoy the amazing episodic adventure The Walking Dead on PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS

  1. Heavy Rain
Addictive Games Like Life Is Strange-Heavy Rain

The most suspensive and mysterious one on the list, Heavy Rain provides you the thrill to catch a serial killer. The player has control over four characters whose fate depends on the player’s actions. The players might face quick time events leading to the decisions and actions that decide the life or death of the character. 

These quick time events keep the players on their toes and they are fully engrossed in the game. Join Ethan on his quest to find his kidnapped son who might not have long to live. Complete the given tasks, interact with other characters and try to bring back Ethan’s son safe and sound.

You can play this amazing thriller, Heavy Rain on Windows, PS3, and PS4.

  1. Quantum Break
Addictive Games Like Life Is Strange- Quantum Break

Similar to the protagonist in games like Life Is Strange, Jack Joyce, the player character in Quantum Break can manipulate time. This action-adventure sci-fi game allows Jack to freeze everything except himself. The numerous enemies have distinctive abilities and the player must fight them in their own way. 

During combat, the player can fight with many techniques other than freezing time. “Time Rush” gives Jack a fast action, “Time Blast” hovers the enemy and freezes them, “Time Shield” defend from damage, and “Time Dodge” lets you dodge attacks. The player also controls the antagonist for a segment to make important decisions that will affect the story. 

Enjoy this sci-fi thriller, Quantum Break on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

Wrap Up

The episodic adventure games are both gripping and entertaining and let you make your own choices. If you are interested in this genre and want to play more exciting games like Life Is Strange, then the masterpieces selected and mentioned above will be a great alternative. 

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