Harvestella How To Break Big Rocks?

Did you like the latest simulation RPG Harvestella? Well, the game is really good so gamers cannot resist it easily. If you have started advancing further and broken the small rocks, you might now be wondering how to break Big rocks in Harvestella, right? Don’t worry, we know how to do that. 

After getting the hammer in Harvestella, the players begin to break the rocks around their field, however, there is confusion. Although the hammer is sufficient in breaking the small rocks, it is not working on the bigger ones. If you are also in the same trouble, this is the right place for you to get the solution. 

In Harvestella, to break big rocks, you will need to first upgrade your regular hammer. Once you have got the upgraded version of the hammer, you just need to press and hold the button and the large rocks will easily get broken. 

If you still are perplexed about this method, keep reading to get through our full-fledged guide on how to break big rocks in Harvestella.  

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In Harvestella How To Break Big Rocks?

You need the Great Earth Faerie to join your farm in order to improve your hammer stroke. After you complete Chapter 3C of the narrative, which takes place in Argene to the west of the map, she will show up.

Chapters 3A, 3B, and 3C will be available at the same time, and you are free to complete them in any sequence. You can head straight to Argene if you really need to break those rocks as soon as possible, but we don’t advise it because the opponents near the conclusion of the associated dungeon are level 30. 

It’s annoying that your farm will be covered in enormous rocks till then, but if you’re not powered up enough, they’ll shake you up.

You’ll need to finish six chores for the Great Earth Faerie and submit them using the glowing book in your cabin once you’ve obtained her. Her jobs frequently include producing winter crops, although you can still learn the charged-up hammer ability in other seasons. 

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There is a good likelihood that you will already have certain tasks finished by the time you unlock her because assignments are retrospectively completed. 

The four elemental Great Faeries—Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth—will visit you once you finish each branch of Chapter 3 main storyline. For your farming needs, each Faerie offers a set of Faerie Orders that can be performed to reveal new recipes and skills.

You’re seeking the Great Earth Faerie, Shirii by default, to teach you how to split big boulders. For example, in the Destroy Skill, You receive a Charge Lv 1 reward from Shirii after successfully fulfilling a total of six Faerie Orders.

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Fortunately, if you’ve been making things and getting to know the Harvestella characters, you should have no trouble finishing the first three Orders from Shirii. You will probably achieve the six required to master the Hammer skill after creating the Spice Maker and Mayonnaise Maker workstations, both of which happen to be requested from Shirii.

Once you have mastered the technique, all you need to do is equip the Hammer, charge it up by holding it above your head, and then smash those annoying rocks away from your farm for good.

Wrap Up

So, this was how you can smash the bigger rocks in Harvestella. If there is still something that you face problems with while breaking the rocks or in any other task in Harvestella, let us know via the comments section and we shall soon update you with the answer.

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