How Do You Throw A Curveball In Pokemon Go 2022?

If you want to increase your chances of catching a Pokemon every time you encounter it, you must learn well how to throw a Curveball in Pokemon Go, because once you are an expert in this, you will never miss any Pokemon during the encounter after you have made so much effort in reaching there. 

To throw a Curveball in Pokemon Go, you just have to hold a Pokeball and then rotate it round in a circular motion, and then throw it which will make the ball spin. The way in which you make the rotation affects the direction in which the ball will curve, so, you can understand this by reading further. 

Pokemon Go is a game mainly about battling with other Pokemon in the game to earn encounters where they can catch their most desired and hard-to-get Pokemon. But the main problem lies in catching the Pokemon itself, the chance that most players miss due to their inexpertise in throwing their Pokeball in the right manner. 

If you want to know how you throw a Curveball in Pokemon Go then here you will get your answer in detail after which you will always catch the Pokemon quickly and effortlessly. 

What Are The Different Types Of Throws In Pokemon Go?

Before we tell you about making a Curveball throw in Pokemon Go, it is also important that you understand clearly all the possible throws that can be made while catching a Pokemon and how effective they are. 

In total, there are four different kinds of throws that can be made in an attempt to catch a Pokemon during the encounter in Pokemon Go, all of them are listed below.

1. Nice Throw – 1.15 x bonus

2. Great Throw – 1.5 x bonus

3. Excellent Throw – 1.85 x bonus

4. Curveball – 1 x bonus

Although throwing a Curveball doesn’t give you much bonus in comparison to the other ones, it greatly increases your chances of capturing the Pokemon, so it is the best choice while making a throw during the encounter with any Pokemon, and it also provides you with 10 x XP. 

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How Do You Throw A Curveball In Pokemon Go?

Now that you know that the best choice among all the different kinds of throws in Pokemon Go encounters is the Curveball, you would surely want to know how it can be done. 

A Curveball is the one where you throw the ball and it curves while passing not through the ring, and is a better option instead of hitting the ring and merely receiving nice or great throws. 

If you want to throw a Curveball, first you have to hold a Pokeball in your (trainer’s) hand and then just rotate it around in a circle. This has to be done to make the ball spin, just like the bowlers do while playing cricket. 

When you do this, you have to make the throw, and as the ball is thrown, you will see that it will get curved in the rotation in which you had just spun this ball. This means that if you spin the ball in a clockwise direction then the ball will go to the right side, while if you rotate it in the anti-clockwise direction, it will move to the left. Similarly, if you throw it in the opposite direction, the Pokeball will simply curve towards the center. 

Thus, you can rotate your Pokeball accordingly based upon which direction you want it to go to get you the right hit. 

It is a fact that throwing a Curveball gets you only 10x HP, but it increases the catch rate of Pokemon by about 1.7 times which is more than any other throw be it Nice, Great, or an Excellent throw. 

This means that if you are only aimed at catching the Pokemon, throwing a Curveball will be the best decision for you because as a result of this, no one can stop you from capturing the Pokemon in front of you. 

Wrap Up

This was all you needed to know about how you can throw a curveball in Pokemon Go. So, from now on, make this sure that you do not miss out on any Pokemon you get an opportunity of catching because it is all about the right throw in the right direction and at the right timing. Once you master this, no one can stop you ever.

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