How Long To Charge PS5 Controller?

They say that time feels slower while doing a plank, but if you ask a gamer, it is the slowest while charging your controller. Imagine yourself playing the finest game of your life and your perfect score is keeping you at the top of the charts and then Bam!! battery dead. Instead of pulling out your hair in frustration, keep your controller fully charged to enjoy your best game performance. 

Searching for the correct answer to your question on how long to charge the PS5 controller and the various sources are confusing you? then have patience and hear the officials. 

You need approximately three hours for your controller to be fully charged. 

Read more details on your queries and keep yourself and your controller fully charged before entering the battlefield. 

How Long To Charge PS5 Controller?

Various sources provide their own answer to your question and that might baffle you. The answer you get might range from three to five hours but we will believe what the officials say. 

According to the information provided by PlayStation, your PS5 Controller is estimated to be charged in about three hours. If it takes some time more or less, then you shouldn’t worry because that is just an estimated value. 

However, if your controller takes much longer to charge, then you must get it checked as it might have some problems. You must also be aware if your controller is perfectly connected while charging. 

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Correct Way To Charge Your PS5 Controller

If you are a PS5 user then you must already know how to charge your PS5 Controller. But if you are a new buyer and want to know the correct details and methods to charge your PS5 controller then go through the steps provided below.

There are basically two ways to charge your controller:

  1. Charging through USB-C 
How Long To Charge PS5 Controller - charging through USB C

A USB-C Cable is already provided to you with your PS5 and being the original, it works perfectly. There are many other USB-C Cables that charge various android devices and they also might be able to charge your controller. But it would be better for its functioning if you use the Cable provided with your PS5. 

Take your USB-C Cable and plug the USB end into your Console’s front-facing port. 

Now take the USB-C end and plug it into your controller’s top port. After plugging in both ends, the light on your controller will glow which indicates that it is charging. 

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  1. Charging through a Charging Dock
dock charge

For this method, you need to buy a DualSense Docking station first. The company sells it specifically for its controllers. It is a better and faster way to charge your controller, but also a costly method. 

Keep your Docking station on an even but safe surface. Take up your controller and place it into the Docking station to charge. This is an easier way to charge your console in about three hours. 

How Long To Charge PS5 Controller- FAQs

  1. How do I know when my PS5 controller is fully charged?

            The PS button on your controller allows you to check the charging situation of your

            controller. Click on the PS button and an animated battery icon will appear which 

            shows that it is charging. When it is fully charged, the icon will show three bars. 

            Also, if the light bar on your controller displays orange light that means it’s charging. 

            When the light goes off, it indicates completely charged. 

 2. How long does a PS5 controller charge last?

            There is no exact answer to such questions as the battery life depends on your

            usage. Some users believe that it ends after 7-9 hours of playing and some 

            find it to last for about 12-15 hours. So, talking about the safe zone, we can assume

            that your controller will need charging after 8-10 hours of heavy play. 

            Wrap Up

            We attempted to put an end to your confusion regarding the charging situation of 

            your PS controller. Go through these methods or solutions and keep both yourself

            and your controller fully charged to enjoy an amazing gaming session. 

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